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Dating: The Essential Elements of a Successful Pick-Up


Guest articles > Dating: The Essential Elements of a Successful Pick-Up


by: Ani Mal


Element 1: Outcome

Begin with the end in mind. Are you looking for someone to share your life with, or just a non-exclusive night of fun? Your desired outcome will influence how and with whom you interact -- quickly move on if you know someone is not looking for the same outcome as you.

Element 2: Needs & Wants

Your desired mate -- what are their needs and wants? Learn their needs and wants, and you'll have the keys to a successful romance.

Element 3: Credibility

Do you have credibility in terms of being able to satisfy the wants and needs of the one you desire? For example, if they need security, do you project an ability to provide in that area? If they want excitement, do you project fun?

Element 4: Rapport

Are you easy to talk with? Do you know how to start a conversation with strangers? Magic pick-up lines are a myth, if you’ve done your homework on elements 1 - 3, and learn how to start a friendly conversation you won't need magic.

Element 5: Legitimate Target

Is the person you’re seducing capable of satisfying your needs? For example, if you’re looking for a long-term relationship, and this person is either non-committal or unfaithful in their current relationship are they a legitimate target?

Element 6: Mutual Understanding

Is your target looking for the same outcome as you? Are you both on the same page with wants, needs, and ability to satisfy those needs? If the answer is,"No," and you choose to proceed with a romance, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

Element 7: The Close

Before you started this journey did you know what you wanted, and at the end of the day did you get it? Iterative improvement and small victories are ok in the beginning such as getting flirting with someone new and getting an attractive person's phone number, but long term your eye needs to be on the prize. You didn't close successfully unless "End Game" was accomplished.


Dating and persuasion expert, Ani Mal, has helped countless individuals such as yourself evolutionize their life. For more guidance from Ani, please visit 

Contributor: Ani Mal

Published here on: 15-May-10

Classification: Dating



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