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Thinking of Saving Future-Make investments that are reliable


Guest articles > Thinking of Saving Future-Make investments that are reliable


by: Christina Jones


At present many people are wondering about the best investment options available but today’s investors have a number of investment options as compared to the investors a few decades ago. As high returns can not be guaranteed in financial markets but you can adopt several strategies through which you can easily better your chances at earning high returns. Before going for any option the risk-return ratio should be kept in mind. It has been generally observed that the options which present the extremely high returns possibility also have a possibility of extremely low returns. Having so many investment options is a good feature because these options overload the system and lead many people to think several times before taking a decision and most probably prevent them from taking a decision. Money investment is a broad ranged topic and it may confuse some people but this is an understandable thing. There are multiple investment vehicles and many some of the best investment options. Some of the people may choose active investment in the market or they can earn residual income by passive investment.

This article is about the best investment options but the degree of money investment to be the best one depends upon the objectives of investment and the degree of risk involved. As risk and returns are directly proportional to one another so best investment options for risk tolerant individuals is going to vary. Furthermore it has been observed that even if some people have the same level of risk tolerance then adopting a different option as compared to the other ones can help them achieve their goals.

The first thing in this respect you want to do is to define your goals. This makes you choose a better investment vehicle for yourself. Your goal may be the major purchases like a down payment for a home, a car, college fee or an expensive vacation or some long term goals like keeping pace with the changing times or retirement. After you have determined your goal you need to find an investment vehicle. After that you should open an investment account. And then there are many options for you to choose from that which option you are going to be taking.

Here are listed some of the best investment options which can make your search an easier on:

You can make your investment in fixed deposits. These deposits are meant for those investors who are intending to invest for a fixed period of time say from 15 days to some 5 or 6 years. In this way they earn a high interest. This option is one of the commonest investment options for an average investor to invest in. it has an advantage of gaining high interest on the deposited amount but the facility varies from bank to bank.

Just like investment in fixed deposits you can also deposit your gold coins, jewelry and ornaments in a gold deposit and you can earn interest on it. Some of the banks offer this service. When you make your investment your gold is converted into gold bars and you get a certificate in effect. There can be a specified minimum amount of gold that you must deposit. After maturity you can either get your repayment in gold or the equivalent amount of cash. In this way in contrast of leaving your gold you can earn some profit from it.

Another option can be to make investment in the stock markets. It can be risky, confusing and many times it proves profitable too. For that the investors should take a good knowledge of the fast paced stock markets. The research for the strategies of trading and buying shares is going to help the new coming investors to avoid losses and they can thus make fine investments in the future.

Investment in national saving certificates is also a good option. These are the certificates that are issued by the government. These certificates have been specially designed for the government servants, businessmen and some other salaried individuals. It is a long term investment option and is safe as well. These certificates have approximately maturity period of 6 years.

Investors can also make money investment in the Public provident fund. It is a flexible option to choose. Unlike a bank recurring scheme same amount of money need not to be deposited per year. Rs. 60,000 per year is the maximum amount of money that is required to be deposited. The amount can go up to 70,000 for some investors and the minimum amount of money is Rs. 500 per year. The amount of interest is fixed by the government, at present it is 8 % per year.

Investing in mutual funds is also a fine option to invest in. Investing in mutual funds means somehow a collective investment scheme in which a group of investors pool their money and hire a portfolio manager. The manager then invests this money in buying shares in the stock markets, bonds or securities. The manager continues buying and selling the shares according to the prospectus of the fund. One thing that’s obvious about mutual funds is that the market risks are the same as in the stock markets along with the fair share of profits. Some of the good reasons about mutual funds which should make you go for them are that investing in mutual funds is a diversified option as it leads access to a number of individual stocks and bonds. These funds are professionally managed so those investors who can’t manage their time or resources to buy individual stocks need not to worry. Mutual funds come in a variety of types like target-date funds, sector funds and money market mutual funds. Mutual funds may be considered the best investment options because one better thing about mutual funds is that it is a much safer option. If the company of mutual funds goes out of business the each of the investors to get the amount of money investment they made.

These were some of the best investment options which you can consider. Your savings can not do that much good to you as much investment does because investment is for your long term goals. So it’s a weapon to make your future safer and secure.

Contributor: Christina Jones

Published here on: 28-Nov-10

Classification: Business




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