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A note to read when you are in a bad mood


Guest articles > A note to read when you are in a bad mood


by: Susan Pielsticker


Projecting good thoughts, and making the choice to remain positive, or find some way to stay positive during negative situations, basically draws people to you. It's not rocket science. Whether you believe in the concepts of "metaphysics" and energy being sent into the universe, or not, the fact of the matter, is that people prefer and are attracted to those with positive attitudes. And if you project a positive attitude (keep the thoughts or energy positive), then you are more likely to attract things/ people into your life that are also positive, strong, and influential. If you make them feel good about themselves, let them "see" your positivity, and "feel" your optimistic attitude, they will be drawn to you as a person. Instinctively, they will trust you more, become willing to help support you, motivate you, and even help you through life.

If you choose to focus on negative, complain, dwell on things, and feel sorry yourself, and send out negative energy and attitudes about life, then who wants to be around you? I personally don't. People will not tell you....because they don't want to hurt your feelings, but, it is draining to be around someone who chooses to focus on that. People want to surround themselves with others who lift them up, make the laugh, and who appreciate life. People admire those who are emotionally strong and those who help others. You can feel the positive energy when you are around someone who is focused on positive and projecting the attitude. It lifts you up. It refreshes you. The same goes for those who are being negative. Now I'm not saying that you must be a unhuman super person. Everyone deals with negative emotions and is sometimes in a bad or sad mood. But if you are focused on positive, you accept it, are aware, and then do something proactive to change it. It's how you percieve, and how you handle negative situations that label you positive in someones eyes and attract them to you.

Lastly, you need to remember, that when something causes you to be in a negative mood, it paralyzes you. Negative thoughts control you and keep you from moving foward in life. Focusing on negative thoughts are simply a "waste" of your time, and drain the energy from you. They make you physically tired. They lower your immune system. The create anxiety. So be aware when they come, and make the choice to proactively do something to change those thoughts. Why waste your precious time on them, when you could be changing them and focusing on something positive that helps you move foward? :) It's your choice always. You choose whether you WANT to stay negative or whether you move foward. It's not an easy thing. I know. But the number one way is to surround yourself with positive people that can help you stay positive, and you do the same. The more you do this, the stronger you become.

So keep these things in mind next time you are in a bad mood, depressed, or angry. It's your choice how to handle it. You can change your thoughts, and you can help others change thiers and learn how to embrace being positive. I have truly mastered this through the years and now I'm inspired to help others learn to stay positive so that they can also be successful and happy in life.

Plus it's just good Kharma!

Be Positive! Project and see what happens. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain! Cheers!
Simply Positive

Susan Pielsticker
SMP Designs
Mi Energia - Simply Positive

Contributor: Susan Pielsticker

Published here on: 04-Jul-10

Classification: Development


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