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Welcome to, the largest site in the world on all aspects of how we change what others think, believe, feel and do. There are already around 7000 pages here, all free and with much more to come!

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Recent Changes


Added Cautious Optimism to Ways to Happiness. Added I Want... to Kellerman and Cole's 64 Compliance-gaining Strategies. Added Price Rounding Effect to Pricing in Marketing. Added After Conquering Cities to Wu Zi's Art of War in Warfare. Added What’s the ROI on Friendship? and The Arrogance of Listening to Guest articles. Added How to be intimidating. Or not. to Blog!


Added Weather Forecast to How to Get a Bigger Tip. Added Hinting to Kellerman and Cole's 64 Compliance-gaining Strategies. Added Price Boundaries to Pricing in Marketing. Added Fighting Plunderers to Wu Zi's Art of War in Warfare. Added A Letter for the Special Ones and The What of How: 'Why' and 'What' are inadequate to enable action to Guest articles. Added Who moved my table? Nobody, but I should have! to Blog!


Added Action Requests to Questioning Techniques. Added Positive Expertise to Kellerman and Cole's 64 Compliance-gaining Strategies. Added First Digit Anchoring to Pricing in Marketing. Added Wet and Dry Weather to Wu Zi's Art of War in Warfare. Added Anatomy of a Lost Sale: Case Study to Guest articles. Added As, Bs and the Secret of a Successful Life to Blog!


Added Avoid Temptation to Ways of Desisting in Willpower. Added Negative Expertise to Kellerman and Cole's 64 Compliance-gaining Strategies. Added The Price Anchoring Effect to Pricing in Marketing. Added Fighting Marine Battles to Wu Zi's Art of War in Warfare. Added Checklist for Influencers: questions for sellers, coaches, leaders, change agents and How reading is the best way to gain experience for entrepreneurs to Guest articles. Added Free Speech, Dignity and Tolerance to Blog!

Full update history on the Changes page >>>.


And now you can visit our sister site,, for creative learning, tools and quotes (including the free book How To Invent (Almost) Anything). And for business improvement, see the Quality Tools site, Improvement Encyclopedia and the free book (A Toolbook for Quality Improvement and Problem Solving). There's now well over 8500 pages of free and useful knowledge across all our sites.


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