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Welcome to, the largest site in the world on all aspects of how we change what others think, believe, feel and do. There are already around 7000 pages here, all free and with much more to come!

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Added Overstaying Your Welcome to Conversational Traps. Added Debate to Types of Conversation. Added Price-Promotion Strategies to Pricing. Added The Need for Superiority to Needs. Added Incendiary Warfare to The Six Secret Teachings in Warfare. Added Why Doing the Right Thing Makes You Money, If You Go First and Time Management Skills in Sales Part 2 to Guest articles. Added Us, them and non-violent extremism to Blog!


Started Types of Conversation in Conversation techniques with Dictation. Added Style vs. Substance to Preferences. Added The Price Triangle to Pricing. Added Self-esteem to Needs. Added Occupying Enemy Territory to The Six Secret Teachings in Warfare. Added Why Metrics Drive Mediocrity and The Pomodoro Technique -- The Ultimate Task Ender to Guest articles. Added Teaching Geniuses to Blog!


Added Interviewer Bias to Selection. Added The Chemistry of Stress to Stress. Added Customer Price Thinking to Pricing. Added Justice to Needs. Added Severed Routes to The Six Secret Teachings in Warfare. Added Three Types of People That Will Make You Happier and The Business of Kindness to Guest articles. Added Males, mates, aggression and war to Blog!


Started Pricing in Marketing with Pricing Research. Added The Focus Vector Model to Preferences. Added Attention in Conversation to Attention. Added The Need for Proof to Needs. Added Gongs and Drums to The Six Secret Teachings in Warfare. Added Why the Arc of the Universe Bends Towards Better and Time Management Skills in Sales Part 1 to Guest articles. Added Persuasive contexts (how things around you change your mind, without you noticing) to Blog!

Full update history on the Changes page >>>.


And now you can visit our sister site,, for creative learning, tools and quotes. And for business improvement, see the Quality Tools site and Improvement Encyclopedia. There's now well over 8500 pages of free and useful knowledge across all our sites.


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