The Evolution of Sales Part 3


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by: Daniel Milstein


In recent years, sales opportunities have expanded tremendously and will only continue to grow. In the future, sales will evolve to include:

Better Educated Salespeople--We will see an even greater emphasis on education to prepare people for a sales career. There will still be on-the-job training, but it will be much more formal and comprehensive as companies upgrade their trainee and mentoring programs to match their competitors' advanced curricula.

In addition, more colleges and universities will create professional selling programs, such as the one developed by Baylor University. I envision more high level internships, enabling students to gain valuable experience at top flight companies. There will also be more continuing education requirements to keep pace with industry developments and diverse options to meet them.

Ideally, more successful salespeople will add their expertise as classroom instructors, partially dispelling the tired phrase 'Those who can't do, teach.'

Technology to Advance, Streamline--Technological advancements will continue at near warp speed and have a major impact on the sales function. In addition to the virtual sales force, we will see technology take an even more critical role in the way we develop leads, interact with customers, process and close the sale, and establish brand awareness on a more global basis.

While I hesitate to pinpoint specific tech advancements, I am intrigued about the potential that tablet computers will have in expanding business with customers and strategic partners. In addition, Facebook pages, personal Websites, smart phone applications and Twitter accounts may be surpassed as the most effective tools for salespeople.

Salespeople of the future will be more attuned to technological applications generally and within their specific profession.The most successful salespeople will be computer and tech savvy and work with IT consultants to ensure that they are on the cutting edge of sales-related technology.


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Contributor: Daniel Milstein

Published here on: 12-Oct-14

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