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by: Daniel Milstein


It's hard to predict the future direction of sales, but it should include expanded growth for opportunity. Based on both my observations and talking with other successful salespeople, below are some predictions for the future direction of sales.

Pursuit of Sales Knowledge--Salespeople will need to be more knowledgeable about their industry, products, and marketing techniques. Those who sell computers, phones, cars and other feature-rich products may find it especially challenging to master the complex data sheets, technical bulletins and other information and effortlessly explain them to customers. Consumers are more educated as to their options, and salespeople must be able to demonstrate they have the answers. Salespeople will have a better grasp of demographics than their predecessors, studying buying patterns, shifting populations and other topics.

In addition to reading the many available sales books and attending their industry conferences, salespeople will share information with each other via blogs and video conferencing. At Gold Star, we frequently provide salespeople with updates on industry changes and sales techniques in a variety of ways and will continue looking for more efficient ways of doing so.

Embracing Ethical Standards--The mortgage industry meltdown was a notable indicator of a lapse in overall professionalism. Self-policing and government agency monitoring will ensure that salespeople in mortgage lending and most other fields will be held to higher standards than in the past. As evident with the mortgage industry, there will be a greater focus on licensing and registration so that consumers can monitor a salesperson's reputation. Salespeople will begin promoting their professional designations to an even greater degree, thereby distinguishing themselves from those who are not as 'qualified.'

In the future, salespeople will be extra vigilant in how they consult with and recommend programs and services to their clients. They will be especially concerned that a particular product really is best for the client, rather than an expedient solution to complete a quick sale and/or to boost the salesperson's income.

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Contributor: Daniel Milstein

Published here on: 19-Oct-14

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