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by: Daniel Milstein


Brainstorming is essential in building a start-up business. When Gold Star began, brainstorming meetings as a team turned our ideas into plans which were then implemented.

Initially, we held most of our employee meetings at a nearby restaurant-pub rather than a formal office conference room. This seemed perfectly natural at the time, offering an ideal opportunity to brainstorm ideas and implement them on the turn of a dime, while enjoying refreshments and camaraderie in an informal atmosphere. For example, a few of the hot topics considered during these night weekly conferences:

  • Hiring practices
  • Complex transactions/troubleshooting difficult loans
  • New marketing strategies
  • The challenges of growing a young business
  • The challenges of our major league sports teams

Obviously, some ideas never made it off the drawing board or cocktail napkin; however the open forum enabled all employees to voice their opinions, which we would then consider and make the appropriate management decisions. The value of these brain trust planning sessions is that we got objective viewpoints and occasionally great ideas that we could then run with. In these informal meetings, nothing was out of bounds; they were a safe place for free flowing ideas - and even a few laughs.

It is important to keep a team atmosphere where ideas are allowed to flow freely with no judgement. The outcome of a brainstorming session will not only open communication but will provide inspired ideas to develop.


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Contributor: Daniel Milstein

Published here on: 30-Nov-14

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