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by: Daniel Milstein


Sales is a profession filled with long hours, high stress, and constant changes; therefore, time management skills are extremely important to develop. I'm going to let you in on my own time management system and I suggest you develop your own accordingly.

My time management system is simpler than most. Every evening I make a handwritten list of what I want to accomplish the following day, often waking up late at night to add a few new items. Of course, I realize that my list will most likely expand significantly with a series of 'follow-up ASAP' notations and 'don't forget to' reminders. I do use a BlackBerry to keep track of key action items, but I still rely on the written list. I review the daily assignments on my 45-minute ride to work, while also talking to clients, assistants and business partners. On one winter morning I was driving to a meeting with one of our sales managers. During the ride I was going through my usual routine of calls, lists and e-mails. I just finished a call to a customer when my passenger said: 'I just saw you do more in an hour than most people get done in a week.' A little hyperbole perhaps, but it does underscore my emphasis on packing the most into each day. The morning commute to work enables me to get some of my 'to do' list done and helps put me in the best working mindset. I think most salespeople could benefit from a self- motivational pep talk so that they look forward to the day, rather than wasting energy dreading the tasks they face.

Once at the office, I close the door on my personal issues--a needed plumbing repair, weekend plans, and other potential distractions--to concentrate on my mission of closing more transactions and helping manage the company. As soon as I sit down, I begin taking calls from a wide variety of people anxious clients, prospects, lenders, Realtors, and Gold Star salespeople and support staff. Throughout the day I juggle a myriad of management tasks along with my own sales activity. While I now spend only about 40 percent of my day on personal sales, this remains the part about which I am most passionate. Making sales enables me to stay connected to the lifeblood of the company. After all, I realized a major goal when I finally became a top-producing originator, and I have always been fascinated by the wide variety of sales situations, from the mundane to the highly complex. I especially enjoy talking with prospects who challenge me with a series of objections or questions before we reach an agreement. I never get tired of hearing something similar to 'You've answered all of my questions and I'm ready to do business.' I am convinced that if salespeople can maintain this same enthusiasm, the excitement about being challenged by prospective customers, they will never grow tired of their job.

I strongly believe that sales managers must continue to sell at some level; otherwise it is difficult to relate to their salespeople and there is a tendency to become insulated from customers. All of our top managers originate loans on a regular basis, which helps them better understand the everyday challenges of today's customer and also creates a stronger bond among their salespeople. Producing managers are a unique breed of people who have a special skill set and temperament. They are able to juggle the demands of their own sales activity while being responsible for overseeing the actions of a group of other salespeople and staff or an entire office. They are typically top producers who their company wants to lead other salespeople to greater success.

While everyone has a different way of approaching the day, you must determine your own time management process if you want to become successful. The ability to be flexible, passionate, and organized are important characteristics of a successful salesperson.


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Contributor: Daniel Milstein

Published here on: 25-Jan-15

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