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Find Positive Leaders and Hold on Tight


Guest articles > Find Positive Leaders and Hold on Tight


by: Alexander Mobley, MBA


In order for you to reach your leadership potential and fulfill your personal and corporate dreams, you must surround yourself with positive leaders. This is one of the most important principles of success.

It is not easy to achieve your maximum potential as a leader. If it was, every leader would be great, but we know this is not true. However, you are reading this article because you want to be a great leader and maximize your potential.

There are three critical elements of support that your positive (friends) leaders will do for you.

1. Positive leaders will help you learn from your mistakes, and when you fail, they will pick you up off the ground. A great leader does not stay down long, he picks himself up very quickly. Having positive leaders speeds up this process in overcoming failures and achieving success.

2. Positive leaders help you learn from your mistakes on a strategic level. We all make mistakes. However, most of us do not reflect back on the mistake to make sure we have covered all areas that need improvement for future success. This can only be done by a strategic way of thinking. Positive leaders will help you think strategically.

3. Positive leaders will inspire you and hold you accountable to your goals and objectives. We all need extra inspiration, especially when we have negative people in our lives that try to destroy our motivation and inspiration for success. Positive leaders understand the positive results of daily inspiration. Therefore, when you communicate, it will be natural for each of you to inspire each other to accomplish your goals and dreams.

I wish you success in finding your positive leaders.


Copyright GLE 2010. Author: Alexander Mobley, MBA


Alexander Mobley is a leadership expert and the founder of Great Leadership Enterprises (GLE). Please visit him at If you or your organization would like to have Alexander as a guess or speaker, please click here to Book Alexander or contact him at

Contributor: Alexander Mobley

Published here on: 28-Mar-10

Classification: Leadership



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