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Notes for webmasters and others


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I get a number of requests from people with other sites. Here are some notes in response to common requests.

Common requests from webmasters

How do you get such high Google rankings?

It's about playing the game right. More about this in the page dedicated to my Adsense Secrets.

Can I link to the ChangingMinds site?

Most certainly. No need to ask for this. Link to any pages you like. Use your own descriptive words -- I won't force words on you, but if you'd like a suggestion, try: is the world's largest free, full-content site on all aspects on how we change what others think, believe, feel and do.

Can you please put links on particular pages?

I only put links on the links pages if they provide sufficient useful resource that I think readers would benefit from going there. Thus, for example, if you've got an 'articles' page with around ten or more useful articles, I'll happily put in a link. I do star-rate sites, by the way.

Can I use content material from ChangingMinds on my site?

Sorry, but I get ad revenue from having my material exclusively here. Copying any significant material elsewhere would affect that value.

Can you write articles for my site?

I have a day job, a family and limited time to work on the site -- and so have even less time for writing additional pages. You can of course Email me, but I make no promises.

Other requests

Can I use your material for professional purposes?

If you are going to make money from material on the site, please email me. I generally support small businesses such as independent trainers, but if it is bigger then we'd need to make some arrangement. All material is copyright, by the way.

Can you please review this book?

Usually, I can do this. Email me to discuss. Generally, the process is that you send me a book and then I fit it in as I can. No guarantees here: it can take a little while or appear quite quickly, depending on how busy I am (and how thick the book is!).

Can you give me personal advice?

I generally try to respond to emails but again this is very dependent on my workload. My responses are generally fairly brief and I cannot go into great detail nor enter into long conversations.

I am not a therapist and whilst I may offer brief thoughts, this is done in good faith and I make no guarantees.

If you need professional help, please contact a professional therapist or counselor near you -- face-to-face support is always better, anyway.

Talking to close friends (or even strangers on trains) is often a very helpful course of action. There are also many voluntary organizations you can call and who are staffed by trained and caring people.



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