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Now: The ChangingMinds book!



Now, at last, after many, many requests, the 'book of the site' has been written and is available exclusively here.


So what's it all about?

The ChangingMinds website started as a repository of learning about all forms persuasion and influence that reaches back over 20 years and more. As an inveterate learner and qualified teacher, David Straker went from writing books to writing directly to the web -- and now the site has many visitors every day.

Is it really the book of the site?

Of course you cannot squeeze over 3000 web pages into 300 paper pages, so it's not a direct clone. Yet many of the methods and principles have been shoe-horned into a very readable space.

It is much more than the site

It is not a cut-and-paste job. Far from it. It took 18 months and many hours to especially write every single page. Sure, there will be some familiarity if you have read all the way through the website, but there's plenty of new stuff too.

In many ways it goes beyond what you will find in these web pages. For example, it contains:

  • A completely new persuasion framework
  • A simple, yet powerful model of how the mind works
  • Many diagrams and tables
  • Additional persuasion principles and methods

At the same time, it is written in the same friendly and readable style as the site.

Bite-sized learning

The web has been written with limited-length pages for bite-sized learning and easy digestion. The book follows this principle, and each page and section can easily be read alone, making it a very 'dippable' volume. In one go, you can read a page, a part of a page or a whole section.

Applied, applied

And yes, it is applied. It is about the actual practice of changing minds and contains many, many direct techniques you can use.

Whilst it is grounded in academic research and experience, it is not constrained by this. It is important that you understand what you are doing, but above all, it is about how to do it.

Tell me about the new persuasion framework

In studying many different disciplines of persuasion, a common underlying structure has emerged. It is simple, yet powerful and provides a deep understanding on which you can base your persuasions.

Sorry, but it's not detailed here -- you'll have to buy the book to learn more about it!

And now in it's third edition

The book has now been revised into a third edition, with various corrections and new additions. Now there's even more about changing minds for you to discover!

Let's have a look

Of course. Click here for sample pages from throughout the book.

So what do readers think?

Here's just a few of the kind comments received:

"Thank you for your swift response! I got the book in record time. A couple of months ago I started printing for comfortable reading, which soon proved to be quite expensive, so by buying the book I actually saved."
-- Georgi, Vienna, Austria

"Thanks so much for the book -- I've been reading it carefully and have learned much about myself as well as how to persuade others!"
-- Valerie, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

"Wow. You were right about it being in detail! There's more in the first few chapters than in many of the other persuasion books I've read."
-- Stephen, Perth, Australia

"Your book is amazing and I am having a GREAT time reading it!"
-- Jenny H

"IT... IS... OUTSTANDING. last month I purchased Joel Marsh's book which stated on the cover it is the most complete book on influence ever...its not yours is vastly superior in every sense. It is the most practical, most interesting. and by far the most enjoyable book on influence I have read, really can't praise it enough.

I have spent tons of cash on many books on influence and persuasion over the last year and a half and though I have enjoyed the reading your book is as you said many books in one, and what I have been looking for since my interested began."

-- Kevin G

I got the book and it is amazing. Very useful information even though I have only read less than half. Thank you for making this book.

-- Sincerely, Jose M

How do I buy the book now?


Where else can I buy the book?

Sorry, but nowhere else. Not even Amazon. This site is the only place where you can buy the book.


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