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One of the main activities of a marketing department is to communicate with customers, in particular sending them messages that will move them towards purchase. Here is a useful collection of the underlying messages that a marketer might want to send.

 Brief messages

Here, very briefly, are most of the basic marketing messages that, even more briefly, say 'we're a good company who sell wonderful products that are just what you need.'

  • We are: nice, trustworthy, caring, friendly, expert, reliable, easy to contact, understanding
  • We will: care, listen, help
  • Our products: are reliable, are inexpensive, solve your problems, will make you feel/look good, are delivered quickly
  • Competitor products are: lower quality, more expensive
  • Other people: like us, like our products, recommend them, are just like you
  • You can: contact us, get information, try out the product
  • You will: feel good, be liked, be successful
  • It's: easy, quick, cheap, useful

Longer messages

Here are fuller messages, though still 'honest' as opposed to the words and pictures used in the final spin. The expand and extend the brief messages above, saying what the marketer really means.

  • We understand you and your problems, so come to us and all your problems will go away
  • We are nice people, the sort you like as friends, so please treat us like a friend
  • We care about you, and will look after you
  • We care about the environment (unlike some), so if you buy our products you will help save the planet
  • We are a well-established company who are not going to go bankrupt and leave you in the lurch
  • Don't worry, you're in good hands
  • You'll look great in this (everyone will look up to you/be attracted to you)
  • We have proof we are experts
  • People you like and respect buy from us, so how about you?
  • Quick! Buy now before the price goes up
  • Quick! Buy now before everything is sold (and you are left regretting not buying)
  • Our product works well and solves your problems (making your life easier)
  • Our product is easy to understand and use
  • Buying from us is easy and risk-free
  • We only sell high quality products
  • We are not expensive (especially compared to some others)
  • Our product is better (prettier, tastier, longer-lasting, etc) than competitor products
  • The product will be delivered quickly and securely
  • We've helped many others like you, so you can trust us
  • All you need to do now is take a small, easy step
  • Call any time and we'll answer your questions immediately
  • Contacting us is quick and easy
  • You are not obliged (we won't force you to buy)
  • We are better than the competition (on all counts)

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