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Dave's Vignettes


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Click here to download the latest 'Dave's Vignettes' macro set.

To insert this into your library, simply click on the 3-line 'hamburger' on the top right of the library panel, click on 'Import Macros...' and point it at the downloaded file. Then click on the layer for which you want a model and click once on the appropriate macro in the 'Dave's Vignettes' library group category.


These macros each create a set of layers that combine to create a scalable vignette. 

To use the vignette:

  • Set Fill colour to white (click on a shape on left toolbar and change at top).

  • Click on the macro. This creates a 1000 x 1000 pixel vignette layer in the top left corner of the image (and in one separate layer group, visible on Layers panel to right).

  • Select the Move tool (left toolbar, arrow near top), click on the vignette and stretch sideways then downwards to fill image.

  • Adjust darkness of surround with Opacity (on Layers panel).

  • Open vignette layer to find:

    • Black pixel layer at bottom (sets surround colour, which you can change with Flood Fill tool).

    • Shape (such as ellipse), that sets viewport shape (area not dark) with...

    • ...Gaussian blur, that sets transition from viewport to surround.

  • Adjust position of viewport with Move tool (click on shape layer and drag). Put this over area of key focus, such as the subject of the photo.

  • Adjust shape of viewport with Move tool or Node tool (if converted to curves with Layer/Convert to Curves).

  • Adjust transition with Gaussian Blur layer. You can use the slider up to 100 or type in a number up to 1024. The bigger the number, the softer the transition.

  • Note: you can also have a white surround by setting the shape Fill colour to Black before starting the macro, then changing the Blend Mode (normally Multiply) to Screen.

Note: One reason the macros as as they are is because, at the time of production, Affinity Photo does not allow Fill colour to be set within a macro.


Macros created include:

  • Vignette Ellipse Curve: Basic oval shape, though has been redefined as a curve, so it can be reshaped with Node tool (left toolbar). Double click shape to add new node.

    • Note: you can convert other shapes to curves with Layer/Convert to Curves.

  • Vignette Rounded Rectangle: Rectangle with rounded corners. Good for longer rectangular images and where there is no particular focus as with using the ellipse.

  • Vignette Cloud: Like the ellipse but with more irregular border. Good for light vignette to make transition less noticeable.

  • Vignette Double Star: Gives a more distinct 'look here' effect.

  • Vignette Heart: For romantic vignettes, such as portraits.

See also

If you are having problems downloading the macros, click here to download as zip file.



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