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You Too Can Work From Home


Guest articles > You Too Can Work From Home


by: Louis Lautman


Most of us dream of waking up at noon, to our delicious brunch that the maid prepared, only to jump on the computer for an hour and spend the rest of the day relaxing on the beach or by the pool with our mate and kids playing by our side. The only stress we imagine having is whether to have the butler drive us in the Rolls Royce or should we jump in the Ferrari up the coast. Yes you can have this lifestyle with a home based business, but it does take a little work to get there…well maybe a lot of work.

Many of us see the commercials late at night of people just like you and I who have “made it in life” when they left their minimum wage job to start their very own home based business and are now mega-wealthy. What sets these people apart from me you ask yourself as you finish off your last Budweiser and eat the last piece of stale pizza before you call it another night. The answer is determination. We all can say that we want to live the lifestyle, but it is these people who have proven to be determined to live it because they are as you are reading this. Don’t worry, it is not that long and after reading this you will well be on your way to owning your own home based business.

Today 85% of people in the US hate their jobs and 95% of people want to own their own business. However, 70% of businesses fail in the first 3 years. A successful owner is a good consumer, compares prices and buys the lowest prices. There are many reasons why people do not open their own business; the first is fear, you must control it or it will control you. To do this put a face on fear, what is it and is that really a reason not to open your own home based business. The second of the main reasons is the opinions of other people. People stop us because they love us and don’t want to see us get hurt or don’t want us to be more successful than them.

If you are really determined read below and decide that you will start your own home based business today. I am not suggesting that you quit your job yet and go full time at home, though if you follow the proper steps, this will be the inevitable. The first thing to do is decide what kind of home based business do you want to start. You should find a growth industry or product that is recession proof, has low overhead, is a convenience that creates necessity, has broad appeal, is not available in retail stores, produces exciting, emotional response, is easy to use, consumable, priced competitively, has a money back guarantee and whose timing in market is good.

One of the easiest ways to have a successful home based business is to model a successful home based business. Look for a market that already exists and know the margins, they must be at least 4:1. Market the solution immediately and easily, solve a problem rather than prevent one because people will always pay more for the solution than the prevention, if you want proof talk to someone who has gotten cancer from cigarette smoking. You don’t need to find anything new, just d it better and remember there is always a market for the best.

So you found your product now what, in your spare time get an additional phone line with voice mail and caller ID and an 800#. Build a website, get incorporated with a tax ID number, think of a business name, print up some business cards, and you are good to go. I am going to suggest selling information on the internet. First I will address reasons to sell something on the internet as apposed to a product.

The first reason to sell something on the internet is the convenience and timing of the transactions, with improved and affordable web technology and e-commerce solutions, people can shop from the convenience of their own home 24/7. An internet business is easy and quick to start and readily accessible instantly. You will save money and make money easily because an internet business is the least expensive to start, operate and market. There is hardly any overhead and lots of tax breaks (to find out more on the tax break of a home based business, check out my article Hey Uncle Sam, I Run A Successful Business From My House). Web traffic is doubling every 100 days, so there are more prospective customers out there for your products and information. Today there are over half a billion people on line and that number is growing every day. Thirty trillion dollars will be exchanged on the internet this decade; do you want a piece of that?

Now that you agree you should have a business on the internet, allow me to share with you why selling information on the internet is your best choice. There are minimal production costs, once you have the words on file, if you bought them or they are your intellectual property; that is all of your cost of production. There is minimal production time, once an order is in, a copy and paste is all that is in order before you send a file. There are no inventory concerns because everything is on file in your computer and there is instant delivery to a global market with automated 24/7 sales and distribution. There are minimal marketing costs because the majority of your marketing is done over the internet. Ongoing revenue streams can be built into the product by continually marketing to your customer and you can promote yourself as an industry expert. You can also promote your offline business to the world on your website for free. Best of all the value of your content is determined by the information, not the production cost, this can lead to a pretty profit.

If you are not fired up, you better check you pulse. Tomorrow when you are at your J.O.B. (Just Over Broke), ask yourself is the life that I have always dreamed about, or can I succeed at a home based business. You can have your new home based business set up and running during your lunch hour. (For ideas on a home based business check out my article, Home Based Business Ideas.) For now, I look forward to seeing you enjoying life the way it was meant to be enjoyed…by your rules. Just remember, if your home based business is going to succeed, the word is determination.

-- o --

Louis Lautman is a business consultant, life coach and peak performance expert. He is the president of International Sales University, a sales training company based in Miami FL. He runs extraordinary public and private seminars to create breakthroughs and transform your life. Louis can be contacted at 813-380-7467 or Check his website at


Contributor: Louis Lautman

Published here on: 20-May-07

Classification: Business, Development

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