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Your Business…Who Do You Be?


Guest articles > Your Business…Who Do You Be?


by: Louis Lautman


Many of us are so wrapped up in our business that we don’t have a chance to step back and reflect for a moment, on who we are in our lives. This is a problem that all of us face at one time or another whether we are a corporate executive or a live at home parent. I can remember being a child growing up in middle class America wondering what it would be like to have all the material wealth in the world. While still in grade school, who I be was a kid whose only concerns were Saturday morning cartoons and what mom was cooking for diner. As time went on and I learned the “rules” of my parents house, as much as I just wanted to be, I created this story that I could no longer be, and had to do the things necessary to live in my fathers house, by following his rules.

After I moved out of my parents house, I created this story that I was tired of doing the things that my parents made me do and saw all the things that I could have with my new found freedom. I began working and started having all these new material possessions. I also had to worry about what I had to do in order to pay the bills so I could thrive. As my business began to grow and the money started to come in a little easier, I began to acquire the things that I always wanted to have.

Life was great, more money was coming in and I was having more possessions. I was doing the things that it took in order to have the possessions that the lifestyle I created for myself demanded me to have. Sometimes, I would have to sacrifice doing the things I really wanted to do, in order to do the things that would allow me to have more material things…forget about being.

My mind was only concerned on what I have, and what I was going to have. My business was created to support my story of things that I must “have”, because this is what a guy like me has. Every day I would put on my strong suit and like a robot work until the job was done, strictly so I could have all the material things that I thought I should have.

What is the purpose of the business you are in? What do you have? What do you do? Who do you be? Luckily enough my company downsized me and I no longer did the things I was doing in order to have the things I really wanted. I had a chance to take a look inside and remember who it is that I really am. Now as I decided to be, I am doing the things that I have always wanted to do and have everything I want.

No, I don’t live on my own personal island, lying on the beach being fed grapes by beautiful servants yet. But if I did, what would I have to look forward to. Don’t we all get energized by the possibilities that we are creating for ourselves. We all create stories of who we are and why we do the things we do, and that is why we have the things we have. Don’t forget there is the story of what happened and then there is what happened.

Why are you in the business you are in? If you won the lottery tomorrow, would you continue doing the things you are doing today? Who would you be if money wasn’t an object? Is it the same person that you be right now?

Many spend years climbing the corporate ladder only to realize that it was leaning on the wrong tree. Wouldn’t it first be best to figure out who you be, so you can do the things that you do and have the things that you know you should have. How easy is it to quit that high paying job that you hate? Could you be who you be and do the things that you do and receive even higher pay than you do at that job you hate?

I know what I believe, and I don’t change who I be. The only thing that changes is what I do and that affects what I have. Money is the byproduct of my ability to serve others. I will only serve doing that which I love, and in that which I love, I will be best.

Simply put the solution to the problem of doing and having things that sacrifice your personal being is simple. Do not work strictly for money. Do not sacrifice your dreams, goals and desires because of others pessimism. Decide what you love. Always be the person whom you are when no one is looking. When you are true to yourself, the world seems to fall into place as if everything is perfect.

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Louis Lautman is a business consultant, life coach and peak performance expert. He is the president of International Sales University, a sales training company based in Miami FL. He runs extraordinary public and private seminars to create breakthroughs and transform your life. Louis can be contacted at 813-380-7467 or Check his website at


Contributor: Louis Lautman

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