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Road to Success


Guest articles > Road to Success


by: Mark Anthony, President of Training For Success


Consistency on sales and business success demands a day to day commitment to: determination, principle-preparation and positive thinking.

Although many business and sales people are aware of what needs to be done in order to succeed, they don’t act on it. By incorporating the following success principles routine, you can actively direct your own destiny.

Don’t Give In:

You can look forward to reaching your success potential if you make sure you never settle for anything less than your best effort. Lowering your standards can spark a pattern of decreased performance. Create an environment filled with people who expect 110% from themselves. Their desire for success will rub off on you and at the same time your wins will fuel their ambition.


Rejection is not final. Successful people never let failure get the best of them. They understand that it’s all part of the game of business and they don’t take it personally. They see mistakes and failures as learning experiences and use them to help continually improve at working toward their goal.

Every road to success is bound to be filled with a certain number of “No’s” before getting a “Yes.” Always keep your head up and don’t dwell on the sales you didn’t close, just move on to the next prospective “Yes.”

Be Ready:

Before any sales call, think about what it is that you want to achieve and what you’ll need in order to get there. Also, make sure you are able to answer

Success Breakthroughs

the following questions which will help you sell more effectively:

  a. Why am I calling this person?

  b. What’s in it for this person?

  c. What information will I be asking for?

  d. Who will have that information?

  e. Why should they give that information to me?


By designing a plan for every call, keeping your industry knowledge up-to-date and continually refining your skills, you’ll be able to capitalize on sales and business opportunities.

Making that last call:

Although extra calls may not seem like your choice of things to do at the end of work day, you never know, it may result in the biggest sale of the month. It also gives you that momentum to go the extra mile in other areas of your sales and marketing strategy. Make it fun for yourself, as well as the person you are speaking to.

Working on your selling skills, time management, organization, and other necessary elements will give you the opportunity to grow in a professional manner.


Mark Anthony President of Training For Success, Inc. in New York City specializes in sales, customer service, and team building workshops for both inbound and outbound telemarketing programs. For more information and subscriptions: Call 212-683-1834 or contact us via email at

Contributor: Mark Anthony

Published here on: 27-Dec-09

Classification: Sales, Teams


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