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Dreams for Change


Guest articles > Dreams for Change


by: Barbara Bowen


Night Dreams: Most of us have experienced a range of night dreams. Some dreams seem unremarkable, as though our nervous system has reached its limit and decides to blow off stress. But other dreams have real impact in varying degrees, from minor to major. When you have this kind of dream, take note. Often, something from the past, future or the present is being pointed to. Dream images can help us summarize where we've been, reflect on our present, and guide where we are going. Let the dream story roll around in your consciousness, no need to rush into interpretation. Make associations, and the dream will tell you where it's pointing.

Dreams of Transcending: Well, goodness knows the avenues down which inspired souls have traveled to formulate their large and universal waking dreams. Spiritual leaders, social reformers and caretakers throughout history have dreamed of justice, fought injustice, and have a world of wisdom to share. We need only take a look. But the secret in this exploration is: to notice what resonates, what is in alignment with who we really are. Decide with your heart and soul, not with your head. There's nothing terribly inspired about working for the next Mother Teresa, if you feel miserable while doing it. We must learn what to give our lives and careers to with our hearts. Listen.

Past Dreams: Our view of the past is a dream, in an sense. Our experiences thus far--from childhood, adolescence, young adulthood and beyond--form a sort of whole. Each day sends clues, though we may arrive at clarification only in larger increments of assessment. Past dreams led you to the present and, perhaps, to new dreams. Examine the path of your experiences as they converge into a whole. The path continues to lead you somewhere, to the new perspective, new growth, and perhaps the new career.

Future Dreams: As past experiences coalesce into a foundation, present visions keep developing and changing. The future never really comes, when you think about it. We only have now. But in the now, we must be highly attuned to new experience, opportunities. Our new decisions must issue from the dreams we are most committed to. Life is a brief candle, and true aspiration will keep it burning bright.

Pipe Dreams: This phrase most often refers to flights of fancy. Despite its pejorative ring, we need, in fact, to test our dreams against this reference. Testing is important. Inspiration is good and well, but an important tension exists between vision and actualization. Tension such as: realistic assessment of the present, viability of our plan, determination, grit, inevitable obstacles, consistency of action and willingness to persevere. And this is the tip of the iceberg.

Following Dreams: In no uncertain terms, following a dream is work. An enormous amount of work. But if you are on the right track--in other words, working at a project or career that brings happiness despite its challenges--then you are in position to overcome the inevitable obstacles. You are, in my observation, a good way down the road to success.


Article by Barbara Bowen, founder of: -- the definitive source for Creativity Coaching and Gateways to Action  Email Barbara your questions about creativity and art career coaching, or creative action projects through her Web sites. She would love to hear from you.

Contributor: Barbara Bowen

Published here on: 14-Feb-10

Classification: Change


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