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In Praise of Einstein


Guest articles > In Praise of Einstein


by: Toby Jensen


To Convince Einstein of Quantum Mechanics

The proposed way to convincing Einstein that Quantum Mechanics is not God playing dice with the universe. And to answer the question:

Was Einstein not able to find the unifying theory of relativity because he believed in God?

In 1926, Einstein declared that "He [God] does not throw dice" when referring to randomness thrown up by quantum theory. He hated the idea that the universe changed in relation to what an individual wanted to see.

It was Einstein’s early work that won the Nobel Prize. This was the beginning of Quantum Mechanics. He was on track.

Einstein by desiring order in all things forgot that free will is accounted for in the Mind of God. He was now off track.

Einstein wanted to reduce the mind of God to a one inch mathematical equation. How many more forms of math need to be invented before we can do this? I suggest reproducing the mind of God within a one inch mathematical equation. It would be a simple formula expressing infinite complexion. To bring us to God not Him to us. We are to be visited by another.

Mankind predicting the roll of the dice is a losing proposition. The casino would ban us and we could never roll the dice again.

*** God has anticipated every conceivable roll of the dice and accounted for it. He has anticipated every conceivable choice and possibility from every living thing and also from every thing. Even every conceivable thought and accounted for it. ***

No matter what the roll of the dice shows - He has prepared for it. He has backed up His plan with enough redundancies to compensate for any plans to destroy Him. He has prepared for those people who would choose to opt out of His plan. He has built in redundancies to the point that He will get His way in the end – no matter what.

Einstein was so fascinated with time because that is one of the mysteries of God that He has held in reserve. The ultimate time frame known only by Him. If someone knew the exact time frame possibly someone could use that to work against and possibly destroy an aspect of His plan – maybe even His whole plan. Free will NOT free knowledge.

All the alternate infinite possible universes, even realities, exist only in thought. Our thoughts are in combination with and separate from God’s thought. This is how He knows what the roll of the dice will be. This is how God plays dice with the universe.

It is mankind’s goal to advance to the point that we can also account for whatever the dice rolls.

There is only one true reality based in the physical world which is the accent or embodiment of the spiritual one.

All other conceivable alternate realities are only that – conceivable. Thought. That is fun. In fun we have room. In room – we live – we thrive. This is why we were given ability to choose for ourselves.

Except those of you strong enough to bring about the physical realization of your own alternate reality - for now. And maybe forever. Sometimes we get things done simply because we say we will. Our actions aren’t necessarily based in any reality or truth. Sometimes we get positive results from our actions simply because we believe what we are doing will work - even though our belief has little to do with reality. We simply accomplish what we want through sheer force of will. And we get what we want.

Infinite possibilities are created as God creates worlds without number but not infinite results. Even though we, his children, are as vast as the grains of sand on all the beaches He knows each and every one of us intimately.

There is no end to the universe and you would go insane thinking that through. Or at least never come to an end of that thought. In mirror, there is no beginning foundational building block “God particle” of life. There is no smallest particle. Cells, atoms, protons, quarks – it just keeps getting smaller and smaller. There is no beginning of the atom just as there is no end to the universe. If I cut a pencil in half and keep cutting one half of it then I can keep cutting forever. I am only limited by my ability to think it through which is followed slowly with my ability to perform the cutting. Eventually it will get so small that I can not see it. Eventually it will get so small it simply isn’t practical. But I can keep going for as long as I can sustain it in thought or action.

The limitless inner world defies logic - to have an unlimited world in a limited space. And it would drive us insane just as fast as thinking about the edge of the universe. It is easier to view the inner world as unlimited when you compare it to having an end to our imagination. We are limitless in both directions.

There are infinite possibilities as God continues to create more life. His empire or mind keeps expanding in a pulsing rhythm to accommodate more of His children and their choices. And shrinks slightly as we submit our will to Him. And grows ever bigger and faster with our own children.

Through our thoughts we can remove God from the equation temporarily. I cannot prove God nor His existence but if I don’t take Him into account when pondering the natural governing laws of the universe I will constantly be missing part of it. A large part. And I in time I will go insane.

I cannot prove God as fact. Whenever someone demands for me to prove God and that it must be done - I cannot. If I am willing to open my belief system up and examine it hopefully they will too. If they will not discuss anything else then all I can do is stand and bear my shame. Hopefully, I do it with grace.


? Toby Jensen

Contributor: Toby Jensen

Published here on: 12-Dec-10

Classification: Development


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