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Use Smart PR to Communicate More Effectively NOW With Your Prospects


Guest articles > Use Smart PR to Communicate More Effectively NOW With Your Prospects


by: Robert Deigh


Fall is here. If you know you're going face back-to-back deadlines soon -- take time now to sharpen your organization's public relations tools to enhance sales, marketing and business development. Here are a few suggestions that are easy to implement:

1) Create strong organizational messages. Identify attributes of your company (e.g., "We help our clients save 20% in project costs"). Choose 5-6 of the most important attributes. Those are your main messages. Get those messages (and a list of the less important ones) into a document to share with your team. The message doc is a PR tool to make their communication more uniform and effective. Get the main messages into your Web site, marketing materials, presentations, proposals and advertising).

2) All communication roads lead back to your Web site - does it have the face you want to present to visitors? At least make the front page a grabber that answers the question: "What can you do for me?" Include a link to all PR/marketing materials.

3) Write a list of press announcements you might make in the next 30, 60 and 90 days. Brag about new products, new services, new people, new contracts, awards, new customers and industry trends you've spotted.

4) Identify important reporters in your industry. Read their stuff. Call and tell them why you are a good news source. Meet with them. Build press relationships now so reporters will pay attention when you have real news. Don't be overwhelmed at the idea of pitching press; as a start, try one announcement, about one topic and call one local reporter to see if he/she is interested.

5) Join a networking group or two and choose a couple of upcoming events to attend. If a group is a good fit, join a committee; it makes you "family." See the examples (at left) of DC regional organizations that sponsor great business events. There are similar ones in your area as well.

6) Still don't know how to use blogs, podcasts, Twitter, wikis, Facebook, LinkedIn, e-newsletters and other elements of social media? They're hardly new any more. Read up on them and/or get someone to teach you. You won't need every tool in the shed, but the right one might help your marketing, PR and sales efforts. Pick one, open an account and try it.

Robert Deigh is principal of RDC Communication/PR and the author of "How Come No One Knows About Us?" (WBusiness Books, available May 2008), the PR guide for organizations large and small that want to win big visibility. Deigh helps organizations increase their visibility and build their brands by creating strong and positive relationships with the press and other audiences. He is also a well-known speaker and trainer on media and PR topics. Want more free info to build your business? Subscribe to Deigh’s popular monthly 1-page online newsletter “PR Quick Tips” from his website at He can be reached via email at, or by phone at 703-503-9321.

Contributor: Robert Deigh

Published here on: 10-Oct-10

Classification: Sales, PR



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