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You Have a Unique Gift, and Your Gift is Your Leadership Influence


Guest articles > You Have a Unique Gift, and Your Gift is Your Leadership Influence


by: Alexander Mobley, MBA

When a leader is doing what he loves to do, he has passion and commitment towards his work. However, how many of us are working in areas that we love. Not many!

Your leadership influence is predicated on using your unique gifts and talents that you already possess. In other words, you will not be great at what you do unless you have a natural gift in that area. This type of work must be natural to you. You do not have to be great or even excellent in this work yet, but you must already have natural talents and skills in this work.

These natural talents that you possess will allow you to develop the expertise overtime that will lead you to greatness. We must understand that it is very difficult to be great at something without any natural talents in that area. For example, I do not have any natural talents in biology, science, or chemistry. However, if later in life I develop an interest without any natural gifts in biology or science, it would be very difficult to be great at it. I could study for 20 years, but something will be missing.

What will be missing is the true love and passion for this work. There is a big difference between liking or having an interest in something, compared to loving and having a natural gift in an area.

Our natural gifts and talents will determine our areas of leadership influence. We can lead more effectively and influence others by working in the areas of our natural abilities. What a satisfying life to have. Working in areas of our "strengths" and doing what we love to do.

I encourage you to find your area of unique gifting, and go after it with all your heart, mind, soul and spirit. And when it gets tough, and it will, do not give up. Do not lose your patience in the necessary process of work. Your greatest pleasure and reward is the end result. Whether it takes 5 or 20 years, it will be worth it. In the process of reaching your level of greatness, you can help others in the process of finding their unique gifts of leadership influence.


Copyright GLE 2010. Author: Alexander Mobley, MBA


Alexander Mobley is a leadership expert and the founder of Great Leadership Enterprises (GLE). Please visit him at If you or your organization would like to have Alexander as a guess or speaker, please click here to Book Alexander or contact him at

Contributor: Alexander Mobley

Published here on: 21-Mar-10

Classification: Leadership



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