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The cheapest cure for feeble Mindedness: a dose of Madness


Guest articles > The cheapest cure for feeble Mindedness: a dose of Madness


by: Anne Davies


Losing your marbles?

Ever feel like your losing your marbles? Things can be fine one day and then all of a sudden you find yourself feeling unable to cope with what the universe throws at you. The little frustrations that have been slowly niggling away in the back of your mind are thrown forward by the smallest of triggers and you suddenly feel helpless and full of unwanted negativity.

Maybe you’re broke and sick of seeing others swinging mounds of shopping bags over their shoulders, staggering forward in their laboutins. You feel so enraged that you want to trip them over, spilling their bags so that they can feel an ounce of the humiliation you feel when you get on the bus and realize you can't afford the fare... Off to work by foot in your holey Primark numbers. Again.

He's just left you, you want him back, and he doesn't care. You see him looking happy with another; you want to cause serious damage and destruction. How are you going to exercise the control required to keep you out of the nut house or worse... Jail? Other happy couples make you feel so inadequate that leaving the house just doesn't seem like an option.

You are being constantly disappointed by others. Parents, friends, work colleagues... All they do is let you down, just when you really need it. Ugh! You know that you have been a reliable shoulder to cry on, so why can't you expect the same in return?

Can somebody help me? It's me Miss A...

You have no specific ailment. You are not grieving. You are not suffering from a recognized mental illness. You just feel crap and sad and want to feel better. It has been established that you are feeling low and those around you are completely useless, so where do you turn?

Therapy? You manage to pull yourself out of bed to go and see your local GP. First off doc needs to establish if you are depressed and manic enough to have the right to help. But even then, if you do pass the test and are lucky enough to get a place on the NHS waiting list. By the time you get to see anyone you may well have grown a beard and fingernails so long that you have wrapped yourself in a self-made cocoon, which they will cut you out of on the way to the white room.

Drugs? We all know that these don't work. Masking the pain, just covers up the root. Walking on a cloud of haze may make you feel slightly better. However, you are still alert enough to recognize the patronizing looks of others as they gaze into your glazed eyes. Take to many and either your organs could fail or you may find yourself taking a walk off a very high building...

Question: What is the cure Answer: A dose of madness!

The best cure that I know for the above is a dose of madness. This is the cheapest, least invasive type of remedy for a case of the blues.

So, how do you cure yourself with madness? Here are some of my best, personally approved special remedies:

Music: The sound of music can be a huge helping hand. Music comes pretty much for free and covers a wide spectrum of heartache and emotions. Finding the right song is easy. If you think about it right now, there are probably at least a couple of songs which come to mind that are an exact match to how you are feeling right now. Listen to the song (only once) you don't need to dwell on it. You just want to think that how you are feeling right now is not exclusive to you and others have been through it and moved on. The next step, is finding where you want to be next, how you want to be feeling. Pick a list of upbeat songs that scream positivity and optimism and sing and dance in time. Throwing yourself around to these fantastic lyrics will give you huge amounts of adrenalin and will serve as a motivator if you start to feel yourself sinking.

Screaming: Do you ever feel a huge surge of rage and all you want to do is scream? The only thing stopping you is yourself. Forget about feeling silly or mad. Screaming is a fabulous therapeutic act and should be made the most of. Screaming is free and is available at almost any given time. (Note: even though it is a useful tool, you must think before you scream, you don't want to alert the neighbors or terrify people. Choose a suitable screaming place at a convenient hour)

Write it down and rip it up: Get a piece of paper and a pen and write down what is making you feel mad. Put down anything you can think of, no matter how trivial. After all it is only you who will see this list so you can be as honest and ridiculous as you feel. Here is an example:

I am angry because:

  • He doesn't want me, but he wants her.
  • She is ugly and stupid and I love him.
  • I told him I loved him and he dumped me, and now he loves her.
  • I hate my legs.
  • I don't want to feel sad it makes me so mad.
  • I hate the stupid bartender that never recognizes me but always says hi to my friends.
  • I see her 3 times a week and always drink half a lager but she looks straight through me.
  • He said we were on a break and now he is with her.
  • I feel so ugly, I hate my legs

Now you have the list, it is time to read it aloud. Read it out over and over until your voice has reached a high enough pitch of anger and madness. And when you feel that you have reached a rage climax... RIP IT UP! While you rip it up scream, shout and move. Jump around and shout that you are not going to feel like this anymore, you don't care, forget all of you, and just do whatever feels right. And once you have finished chuck it all away and breathe.

Dance! Scream! Rip it up!

Feeling Better?

Following this advice, you will hopefully be more optimistic and feel less weight on your shoulders. Moving, dancing, screaming, and shouting, writing down your words and listening to the words of others are all great ways of releasing energy and having a good old laugh at the state you have put yourself in.

Wishing you luck, love and laughter... Miss A The cheapest cure for feeble Mindedness: a dose of Madness


Kranich's Fashion Consultant Miss A, loves writing about relationships, fashion and jewelry. Including Mothers Rings and more!

Contributor: Anne Davies

Published here on: 06-Mar-11

Classification: Development


MSWord: The cheapest cure for feeble Mindedness: a dose of Madness


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