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Overcoming Initial Resistance- We Just Want the Price


Guest articles > Overcoming Initial Resistance- We Just Want the Price


by: Jon Gilge

Your prospect tells you...

"We Just Want the Price."

Well of course they do.

So do I when I make a purchase, but I also understand that I need to know more than just the price to evaluate the price in the context of what I will receive for it.

Do your prospects know this too?

Yes they do.

So why then do they tell you so often that they just want the price?

The answer is that what they really want is control over the sales conversation.

Initial resistance is based on the prospect's anxiety over the buying process, and their fear of being "sold" something that they really don't need or want. This anxiety is overcome later on in your sales presentation, but in order to get to the presentation you have to overcome the initial resistance to it.

Remember, you are not responding to what the expression of initial resistance literally means, but to what the prospect is thinking he is accomplishing by saying it.

Here's how a professional responds when a prospect tells you they, "just want the price."

"Mr. Prospect, I'm glad you said that. My experience is that people who are not interested in the price are not really interested in what benefits my product provides. So I'm glad you want the price and I want to give it to you as soon as possible. My promise to you is to get to the price as soon as I can, which is as soon as I know if the product is even right for you. Can I ask you a few questions to figure that out?"

By validating the prospect's desire to get to the price, even welcoming it, you can move the prospect into the initial phase of the presentation- information gathering. If you insist on the presentation, tell the prospect that you need to give him some information first, or otherwise imply that you can't just give him the price you will quickly cause the prospect to defend his request and further insist on getting the price first.

Like most expression of initial resistance, prospects who just want the price are attempting to gain control over a situation that produces a great deal of anxiety for them. As a professional salesperson it is your job to help them through that anxiety so that they can evaluate the benefits of your products and benefit from a decision to own it.

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Contributor: Jon Gilge

Published here on: 28-Oct-11

Classification: Sales, Psychology


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