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Lessons from the Sales Field


Guest articles > Lessons from the Sales Field


by: Drew Stevens


We just completed our latest Business Acceleration Sales Seminar. Our dialogue was crisp and thought provoking and many came away with several good best practices to take back to their firms.

With over 29 years of aiding sales managers and sales professionals there are some new trends developing. Here is a list of best practices from the sales field that will help you immeasurably in gaining new business.

  • Avoiding transaction to make traction. Selling today is about relationship. Good trusting relationships bind deals not selling widgets.
  • Cold Calling is as innovative as AM Radio. The world is changing and so too are buyers. Individuals do not have time and resources available to be interrupted by total strangers. The root to the buyer comes from different paths.
  • The key to success is differentiation. Sellers today must articulate value. Buyers research firms before the seller arrives. They know their needs what they are not clear on is the obtained value.
  • Content is king. Those that prepare for every call and every circumstance will win. Procrastinators are left at the back door. Know what to say before you say hello.
  • Moving right along. Great sellers move issues to the next level they think in terms of movement and action steps. Sellers are the leaders of the band not the other way around.
  • Consistent and Relentless Referrals. The only manner to gain successful business today is constantly seeking referrals or being introduced by third parties. Remember to make at least three to four sales when selling. You are selling the initial prospective client and others in their network.
  • Professional Presence. Selling professionals that are constantly prepared always prevail. In a world rift with casual dress and lethargy those that use the right tools, dress appropriately, engage in great conversation, articulate content on the world around them and relate to the client will always remain successful.


2011. Drew J Stevens PhD. All rights reserved.

Drew Stevens Ph.D. President of Stevens Consulting Group is one of those very rare sales management and business development experts with not only 28 years of true sales experience but advanced degrees in sales productivity. Not many can make such as claim. Drew works with sales managers and their direct reports to create more customer centric relationships that dramatically drive new revenues and new clients. He is the author of Split Second Selling and the founder and coordinator of the Sales Leadership Program at Saint Louis University. Contact him today at 877-391-6821.

Contributor: Drew Stevens

Published here on: 05-Jun-11

Classification: Sales



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