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Stop Taking It Personally


Guest articles > Stop Taking It Personally


by: Toby Jensen


There are plenty of opportunities for the vanity of supposed compliments to come along and build up one’s ego. Often it is easy to seek out fake and insecure building up of the ego. Stop feeding your ego with false positives and reject the negative that comes along.

Toby, what you are saying is hurting me. But what I am saying is only touching what is already hurting you. Your greatest fear is already happening. What I am saying is holding you accountable by pointing out that you can't really hide from your wounds and that pretending to hide is really making things a lot worse. You are hurting yourself.

Beneath the anger is the fear.

Most people spend most of their lives running from the truth; the truth that they are not free. They think this will bring them freedom and pleasure. You are hurting yourself.

Most people only have the skill level to barely tell the truth. That means that most people are lying most of the time in positive and negative ways. People lie because they are afraid. You have to trust yourself and know where to trust others.

Stop others from lying to you, in all ways. And tell the truth with love. And still create a level of safety for others.

When you live without ‘taking it personally’ you can travel the world with your heart completely open while your mind is free and no one can hurt you. You can truly say, `I know you love me` to even the worst that hate you and not have to deal with fear or rejection.

We can face and deal with each one of our fears one at a time. This works even though it is slow and a takes a lot of effort. Stop feeding the fears and all your fears die out on their own. What you focus on expands.

Then you can kill the angel of death, the fastest and obviously most difficult path requiring a great amount of skill. By killing the angel of death you resurrect and transform your life.

Surrender. Let the angel of death do his job. Surrender to God. Surrender your will to God as this is the only thing He asks of us. Feed heaven instead.

You can truly be free. You can ask for what you need and give them the room to say yes, no, or whatever. You can truly extend an invitation. And you can choose to say yes, no, or whatever to them without guile or self judgment. You can follow your heart the vast majority of the time. You can be Victor Frankl in the middle of your own living hell of a life and still live within inner peace and happiness. You can stay in a state of bliss regardless of what torment is going on around you. This is transforming your hell into heaven on earth.

ONLY NOW can you begin to shape the environment around you to be heaven and share this paradise with others. This is a much more fulfilling heaven than the heaven that is created by another and extended over you. You now have the power to create your own heaven. You are no longer dependent on others to create it for you. You transcend this world and never have to come back.

? Toby Jensen

Contributor: Toby Jensen

Published here on: 16-Jan-11

Classification: Development


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