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Extraordinary Customer Service Beyond All Odds


Guest articles > Extraordinary Customer Service Beyond All Odds


by: Daniel Milstein


Most salespeople and sales managers exclaim that customer service is critically important, yet they focus solely on the basics, providing a good product at a reasonable cost in a timely manner. That is the traditional 'common sense' business approach. They want to ensure a sufficiently high Return on Investment and balk when faced with unusual events that take too much time or cost a little extra to solve. They tend to forget that customers who get the excellent service they deserve will nearly always richly reward the salesperson with referrals.


We will do whatever is necessary to ensure our clients' needs are met and surpassed in a timely, friendly and ethical manner. We go out of our way to overcome all obstacles while satisfying (and often surprising) our valued customers as they seek to purchase or refinance a home.

Joe Girard, the legendary auto salesman, was one of the early proponents of exceptional customer service. For example, he knew that customers dislike waiting to have their cars overhauled, so he provided first class treatment. Girard would often instruct his mechanics to actually work on cars while the owners were waiting at the curb. He would later recall that after watching the mechanics install new parts and make other adjustments to their cars, customers would ask how much they owed. Girard always smiled and usually said there would be no charge. He explained that he appreciated his customers and wanted them to come back.

Girard didn't spend time over-analyzing the costs involved in providing his customers with this extraordinary curb-side service. He was committed to doing whatever was necessary to ensure that they were given the best possible care. He was acutely aware of the two reasons to go beyond the norm:

  1. Customers deserve to be treated well. Remember the Golden Sales Rule: 'Give your customers white glove service, just as you would wish to be treated.'
  2. People remember when a salesperson has provided exceptional service. They are more likely to become long- term clients.

Through our Gold Star Pledge, we have promised to always put the customer's needs first even among all obstacles. As a salesperson, if you abide by this, your relationships with your customers will be filled with trust and satisfaction.


Daniel Milstein is the bestselling author of ABC of Sales. For more information, visit:

Contributor: Daniel Milstein

Published here on: 27-May-12

Classification: Sales


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