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Submit to Jobs Like A Salesman


Guest articles > Submit to Jobs Like A Salesman


by: Drew Stevens


One of the most active trends is employment. As the economy begins to surge there appears to be some movement for job hunters – or is there? There is a major disconnection for many in sales and marketing seeking jobs and getting interviewed. And it just might be you.

In my 31 years I experienced many resumes some good and some well lets just not say. However the fundamental issue amongst many selling professionals is their innate failure to promote of all things – themselves. Can you imagine spending countless hours calling, arranging meetings and conducting presentations so well for products but when it comes to you not so much.

So lets take a look at some things required for selling professionals seeking a better opportunity.

  1. Speak about results – Similar to how you present information to your clients based on benefits you must provide what you bring to the table. New organizations need to invest in you but you need to illustrate for them why.
  2. Stop the job boards – They get you know where. Good business is done through referral and third party endorsements not trolling internet sites.
  3. Present a holistic background – The new organization needs to know about all of you so present your information so that there is a great snapshot of how your background integrates with the new position.
  4. Personalize – Never submit content blindly. You personalize for each presentation you do why not for yourself. Carefully and thoroughly read all descriptions and state how your background correlates to that position.
  5. Decision Makers – Just like selling your product you must meet with decision makers avoid the rote canyons of human resources so that your background is well represented.
  6. Make Goals – Determine how many calls and cards you will work on each day. Think of it as completing the pipeline.
  7. Follow Up – People do not follow up with you, you must with them. Afterall they are not seeking you are. And ensure your follow up is handwritten not electronic since it makes a better impression.


2012. Drew J Stevens PhD. All rights reserved.

Drew Stevens Ph.D. President of Stevens Consulting Group is one of those very rare sales management and business development experts with not only 28 years of true sales experience but advanced degrees in sales productivity. Not many can make such as claim. Drew works with sales managers and their direct reports to create more customer centric relationships that dramatically drive new revenues and new clients. He is the author of Split Second Selling and the founder and coordinator of the Sales Leadership Program at Saint Louis University. Contact him today at 877-391-6821.

Contributor: Drew Stevens

Published here on: 25-Mar-12

Classification: Sales



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