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Key Steps to Enhance Your Customer Service Part 1


Guest articles > Key Steps to Enhance Your Customer Service Part 1


by: Daniel Milstein


Customer service is key in becoming a successful salesperson. There are many key aspects to enhanced customer service, including the following key points:

Addressing communication problems: Sometimes salespeople need to take extra measures when there has been inadvertent miscommunication that has created a problem.

Perhaps a customer misunderstood the application requirements, timing, or other elements of the transaction. Here's an interesting and costly example that seems more humorous now than it did at the time. A 75 year-old client for whom I had arranged several previous loans wanted to purchase a $1 million house. We pre- approved him and waited for his response. When the customer didn't call back, I assumed he had decided against the purchase. Then a month later, he came to my office with two Realtors and the seller for the closing! Of course, I was surprised and explained there was no closing scheduled, that in fact we had only pre- approved him. That's not what he, the agents or the seller wanted to hear, as he needed the money in order to close on his new house. They didn't want to leave my office until we had this settled. While it was the customer's misunderstanding, I realized I should have followed-up. I calculated the likely results if we simply told everyone we would have to wait until everything was arranged and a new closing was scheduled. Not willing to risk the negative reactions, I first offered to pay the seller $2,000 to cancel his moving expenses. I then called my community bank and opened a line of credit to enable me to provide the client with immediate financing for his house. He, the seller and agents were happy.

When interacting with prospective customers, remember a very important 'law of customer service': always make sure you and your customer are in agreement on all matters, and if there is a mistake, take care of it right away.


Daniel Milstein is the bestselling author of ABC of Sales. For more information, visit:

Contributor: Daniel Milstein

Published here on: 07-Apr-13

Classification: Sales


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