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Key Steps to Enhance Your Customer Service Part 3


Guest articles > Key Steps to Enhance Your Customer Service Part 3


by: Daniel Milstein


When working with customers you have to be able to deal with many different challenges that will arise. The answer may not be the easy route; however, when faced with a difficult situation, always adapt your procedure to best fit the needs of the customer.

Dealing with Special Challenges: A clothing store salesman was faced with an unusual situation when a man came to his store wanting a custom made suit. The customer indicated he had not been very happy with clothing that he had previously purchased elsewhere. He questioned whether this salesman could provide a properly tailored suit. At first glance, it seemed to be an easy fit--except that the customer had a prosthetic right arm. Every tailor had attempted to make a suit that conformed to the man's artificial arm, which resulted in an overall uneven appearance. The salesman suggested he accompany the customer to the manufacturer that made the prosthesis so they could make an arm to fit the suit, instead of trying to make the suit to fit the arm. The company subsequently developed the prosthetic arm to the salesman's specifications, enabling him to make the suit. He had a satisfied customer who also became a good friend. That was exceptional service.

I became acquainted with this same salesman, who knows the type of clothing I like and calls me on a regular basis to suggest a new shirt, coat or tie. Then he drives an hour to my home to deliver these items for my approval. In addition, he has arranged speedy tailoring or dry cleaning jobs in order to accommodate my travel schedule. In one instance, he met me at the office early one morning, after I had just arrived from a long business trip. He took my suits, had them cleaned and returned that afternoon so that I could take them on another trip. Most clothing stores would not make such an effort.

If you put the customers needs before your own, they will remember your services as exceptional and will be back as a return customer. In the competitive sales environment customer service is key and dealing with challenges only enhances that service.


Daniel Milstein is the bestselling author of ABC of Sales. For more information, visit:

Contributor: Daniel Milstein

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Classification: Sales


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