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Key Steps to Enhance Your Customer Service Part 4


Guest articles > Key Steps to Enhance Your Customer Service Part 4


by: Daniel Milstein


Having exceptional customer service may take longer and be more challenging, but you will be able to reap numerous benefits. With every challenge comes opportunity. Below are a few ways to reinforce your customer service.

Turning lemons (angry calls) into lemonade (sales): No salesperson enjoys dealing with complaints, but this is actually another opportunity to strengthen ties with customers. I saw this first-hand when I mistakenly received a complaint letter from the Better Business Bureau regarding a past customer who was upset with the lender servicing his loan. The homeowner was extremely frustrated because the lender hadn't paid his property taxes as per the agreement. While I could have simply contacted the BBB and returned the letter, I saw a chance to correct the situation, strengthen our association with a customer and possibly obtain a new loan. I called the customer and explained that while it really wasn't my obligation to get involved, I wanted to help him. I asked if he would withdraw his complaint regarding the lender if I was able to help solve the problem within 24 hours. He enthusiastically agreed and I next contacted the lender that was certainly interested in quickly resolving the problem. Once I was assured the taxes would be paid and everything was in order for future tax payments, I called the customer again to share the good news. I also explained I had noticed his current loan was at a higher rate and that we could refinance it without any closing costs. He was extremely gratified.

Making it A Win-Win: Exceptional customer service may take a little longer to initiate, but has major benefits for everyone involved. For instance, I know another salesperson who was trying to make a small retail business grow by starting on a wholesale scale. He purchased a truck and started to haul seafood from the East coast for sale to other small retail stores in his market. His objective was to generate enough capital and supply key contacts in order to obtain much larger accounts. He approached a major grocery chain and told them he would take full responsibility for all of their seafood needs in the state. However, they were selling from their meat department and the meat managers wanted nothing to do with fish. So this industrious salesman developed a simple, but time consuming solution--traveling to every store to set up a seafood section and subsequently providing all of the fish, point-of-purchase material and other support. He helped the grocery chain evolve from selling no seafood to making it an important part of their fresh food department, while establishing his own profitable business.


Daniel Milstein is the bestselling author of ABC of Sales. For more information, visit:

Contributor: Daniel Milstein

Published here on: 05-May-13

Classification: Sales


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