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Inmate Satisfaction


Guest articles > Inmate Satisfaction


by: Daniel Milstein


In sales it is important to impress your customer. In fact, some salespeople will do almost anything to impress their customers even go to prison.

There are two main reasons a loan originator would visit a dreary prison. The first is obvious; they have committed fraud. The less apparent reason would be to have an inmate sign documents to facilitate a loan transaction.

Mike Hyman, one of our veteran originators, entered a bleak Michigan prison one winter afternoon several years ago with the latter purpose in mind, to help a previous customer avoid losing her house. The customer asked him to refinance her mortgage; she was struggling with her payments and had a high interest rate. Mike was able to put together a loan that would greatly reduce her payment with a low fixed-rate program. Everything was fine until he received the title work, which listed her ex-husband. Mike explained that her ex simply needed to sign a quitclaim deed (relinquishing his ownership rights), since the divorce papers specified that the house was hers alone. The customer assured him this was the case, but became very upset when he mentioned the deed. She finally explained that her ex-husband had just gone to prison, which was over eight hours away. The deed would have to be taken to him, because the prison warden said they could not just send the paperwork. When Mike learned his client was unable to drive her car, he promised to find a notary to visit the prison and get the form signed. Of course, she was ecstatic. This unusual transaction changed her life, as she might have been unable to refinance the house and end up losing it, if her ex-husband hadn't been removed from the title. The client continues to remember Mike with referrals.

Mike is the perfect example of going the extra mile for his customer. In the end, putting the customer first will not only benefit and satisfy your customer, it will also help you to strengthen the bonds with them that you have created.


Daniel Milstein is the bestselling author of ABC of Sales. For more information, visit:

Contributor: Daniel Milstein

Published here on: 03-Mar-13

Classification: Sales


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