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Persistence Enables Unexpected Growth Part 1


Guest articles > Persistence Enables Unexpected Growth Part 1


by: Daniel Milstein


Persistence is required for a new business. Nothing comes easy and rarely with things fall into place. When I began Gold Star, our company culture required persistence among our employees.

After about six months, the Gold Star infrastructure was in place and we were generating a healthy volume. I was content to have the company grow methodically. A key part of our strategic plan was to extend our reach from a local/regional to more national basis, with initial plans for doing business in at least 20 states. Although there was no immediate rush to expand beyond our main office, two significant events occurred to help make Gold Star a multi-office company and prepare us for even more dramatic expansion in the future.


I quickly realized that persistence is both required and respected at Gold Star. As an account executive at JP Morgan Chase, I wanted the opportunity to work with Gold Star and Dan Milstein, who was ranked in the top 30 loan originators in the country. When I first met Dan in his office, he was on the phone, busily talking to a succession of customers, lenders and others. I said that I would be most interested in assisting him and his customers. He was polite, but noncommittal about my getting any Gold Star business. He explained they already had a sufficient number of lenders and weren't ready to add another one.

Of course, I wouldn't give up. Once a week, I drove an hour to Gold Star headquarters, usually bringing breakfast or cookies, sometimes seeing Dan and more often not, but always leaving without any indication that I could add Gold Star to my account list. Eventually, my Chase manager strongly suggested that I give up on what seemed to be a lost cause. However, I continued showing up at the Gold Star offices, somehow convinced that I would succeed. About a year (and 50 batches of cookies) after our first meeting, Dan finally agreed to let me work with his customers on a trial basis.

Gold Star soon became my biggest and most important account. --Tina Jablonski, JP Morgan Chase Bank

When beginning a new company, nothing will come easy to you. Persistence is key; persevere through all odds and success will come your way.


Daniel Milstein is the bestselling author of ABC of Sales. For more information, visit:

Contributor: Daniel Milstein

Published here on: 10-Nov-13

Classification: Sales


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