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Persistence Enables Unexpected Growth Part 3


Guest articles > Persistence Enables Unexpected Growth Part 3


by: Daniel Milstein


When starting a new company there will be many developments that you will remember as a turning point both in your career and in the company. These noteworthy developments don't happen without late nights, hard work, and persistence.

In late 2006, we held a client appreciation event in a local theater. It was an exciting day as loan officers who had previously been with three different companies gathered to thank our loyal customers. As I walked down the aisle to greet people and make a brief presentation, I remember thinking what a tremendous step this was. Almost overnight we had grown from 20 to 80 people and would now be recognized as an even bigger player on a regional and national scale. We would experience many other noteworthy developments during the next several years--launching more branch offices, hiring talented people from leading lenders, being publicly recognized as a business leader and thriving during the lending industry's meltdown. However, I knew I would always view this as a major turning point in Gold Star's development and my own.

I have since had the opportunity to develop a company that has become a leader in the lending industry, while personally helping more than 30,000 customers realize their home ownership dreams. I have been asked to speak to various colleges and universities, financial institutions and other groups, and was appointed to the Board of Trustees at Cleary University. I have been recognized as one of the country's top originators for the last 10 years. It has been very fulfilling, considering my difficult start in the American business world. But I don't take anything for granted. I remember the long hours, the sleepless nights spent working in my office, the failures and many lessons learned along the way.

While I am still in my early thirties, I am running a large company that I founded and then expanded during this country's difficult economic period. I want to share some of the strategies and experiences that have made me successful. My goal is to help others succeed, while avoiding a few of the obstacles that I encountered as a salesperson and a company owner.

While there are important lessons to learn when starting a new business and many obstacles to over come, persistence is key. Through all of the late nights and the hard work, the pay off is well worth the success.


Daniel Milstein is the bestselling author of ABC of Sales. For more information, visit:

Contributor: Daniel Milstein

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Classification: Sales


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