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100% ATTITUDE In Customer Service


Guest articles > 100% ATTITUDE In Customer Service


by: Viganesh Kumar


What’s the point if you spend so much beautifying or upgrading your premise with latest technology, furniture, equipment or layout but you have bad attitude staffs? Negative attitude staffs can derail your primary vision to provide exceptional customer. In this article we shall not ascertain the selection or recruitment scope but instil the right attitude to all the employees when dealing with customers. According to a survey conducted by Institute of Customer Service in United Kingdom, 62% of complaints arise from with staff attitude and lack of competence. Bad attitude such as ignorance, rude, untidy, emotional, unprofessional, unhelpful and inability to take initiative at workplace can spread like a disease. It can easily infect other employees subsequently influencing them to incompetent professionalism at workplace.

First impression is the lasting impression. In one of a quick lunch, I and my colleague went to a Chinese Restaurant located at Bandar Putra, Kulai, Johor. We ordered Sambal Fried Rice and guess what came along the fried rice. In the first scoop, my colleague noticed a tiny fried black fly. Worse when we notified the restaurant waitress, she gave a cold look as if we put the ‘fly’ inside the fried rice. She took the plate away without being apologetic or even asking if she require any replacement. It was our first visit there and surely that shall be our last. Immediately both of us left the restaurant and vowed never to go back there again. During the first visit to any outlets, restaurants, hotels or cafeteria, customers always has a veil of optimism. If we are unable to provide excellent customer service, we may just forget that customers will ever come back to us. No wonder first impression lasts forever.

The right attitude states that employees should always remain positive and dedicated in problem solving. It is the responsibility of the management to instil both positives and problem solving techniques. Training and developments enables employees to acquire new skills that shall be helpful in customer service. Creating the environment is necessary in building a positive vibe at workplace. Employees do not want regime style management which restricts the flow of operation smoothness. Employees that are constantly positive are the ones who look at problems or weakness as opportunity for improvement. Whenever customers require assistance, it is the duty of the employees to assist us in resolving the problem. Inability to resolve the issue may create displeasure and increases the curiosity of employees’ reliability or competence in handling customers’ feedback.

The right attitude includes employees to smile, approachable and adaptable. There are times when we noticed that employees do not smile at all to their customers. Imagine a stoned face representative your order and does not even smile. Most of the time we tend to think, are we buying the product with their money and if it isn't why are they staring at us in such expression. Smile is essential in customer service and each employee should value its significance. It makes employees much more approachable to customers. A gloomy expression blinds out the required bonding in customer relation. If you are working in an information counter at a shopping mall, it is vital to smile and be approachable always. Shoppers always require you guidance and assistance to ensure they are on well guided. Information counter receptionist should adapt the latest updates and information that shall builds the overall product knowledge at workplace. Remember that essential product knowledge contributes to reliability and sustainability. Even if there are new technology gadgets at your workplace, employees should be trained to adapt the new innovation. This provides them the required confident before handling of the gadgets in front of the customers.

The right attitude requires being professional at workplace. Have you ever heard employees lamenting the bad or the long day they ever had. Being professional includes leaving your problems always, ability to work competently especially with minimum supervision, less complaint of work hectic and provide quality service despite pressure. I remember going to a coffee shop at Tampoi, Johor. It was about 9 am but yet crowded. We managed to a get a sit for two. We noticed there was only one waitress taking orders and we had to wait almost 15 minutes to get our order taken. We ordered Teh Tarik and Nescafe with two toast oatmeal bread with kaya and margarine plus one half boiled egg. After 10 minutes of wait, we received our order, Ice Tea and Iced Nescafe, one toast bread and two half boiled egg. We knew the waitress had made a mess in the taken order. We called the waitress that took our order and when she came to our table, the waitress voiced out that she is having a bad long day with two staffs had taken urgent leave. For customers, the employees are paid for to manage the situation and handle professionally their tasks. Thus lamenting your bad day situation to customers does not resolve anything but affects the professionalism of your organization. Most employees envy their managers who always delegate his task but take all the credits for the accomplishment. Truthfully there are no easy jobs in the world. All that matters for customers is to ensure that their products and services achieve the necessary quality requirements. Whatever industry you may be in, customers do not care your bad long day you went through at workplace. They are less concerned on your unexpected events you had encountered. To all employees, the moment you stepped into your organization, leave your house problem and distractions away. Sticking to your problem affects emotionally and may be decisive in your judgement at workplace. The owner pays your salary for 8 hours of effective contribution at workplace and being unprofessional may distinct from achieving the overall objective. Every tasks or jobs have its pressure but yet the demand for quality should never be compromised.

The right attitude also entails employees to be well groomed with right choice of personal appearance. Poor personality may subsequently affect the image of an organization. Imagine going to a restaurant with the waiter having beard, sleepy eyes, dirty apron, long finger nails and untidy hair wants to take order from you. The poor personality shall influence customers to stay away from the restaurant. Organizations should emphasize the importance of personal grooming such as light make up, right choice of fragrance or perfume, neatly shaven, tidy hair and clean but appropriate attire. Having the right personal appearance shall create a positive feeling when communicating with customers. Change your appearance and surely the feel good mood encircles your thoughts which resurgences the confident outlook.


Viganesh Kumar, a HRDF approved consultant, trainer and lecturer in the fields of Management, Operation and Hospitality. A Human Resource Strategist with distinctive career and has provided consultancy & training for over than 200 organizations in various industry.

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Contributor: Viganesh Kumar

Published here on: 02-Mar-14

Classification: Development



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