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Change your Mind and You Will Change Your Life


Guest articles > Change your Mind and You Will Change Your Life


by: Ebin Mathew


Changing your life starts from your mind. Choosing to live a health life is all about deciding to live healthy by following the right path as directed by health education. The mind is central in making decisions that affect life. Living a healthy, sound and active lifestyle often calls for critical thinking approach. Doing physical exercises, eating right meals, making good choices about life and dressing well calls for sound thinking to help reinforce actions you know are credible to your life. Exploring your thoughts and your mind potency will likely give rise to key areas that will help you unlock the path to positive lifestyle that you have been dreaming about.

The truth about success is that it is born from positive and health outlook we attach to life. When you examine your thoughts and all those you speak to yourself every day, you will realize that you are either your own enemy or your own friend. Do not be bias about what you speak or about your inner thoughts. Learn to eliminate the inner negative impression of the self and accord your thoughts with positivity. Always stop telling yourself you cannot and start saying you can. When you do some amazing things always commend yourself and put positive attitude towards positive undertaking.

Getting from point A and B sounds well and good if you take consideration of what you do. Explore possible positive avenues before taking the final step about life. Always try to spend enough time listening to your thoughts. Try writing down your negative thoughts and take time changing the way you view life. Always change your mind to encompass life as what you make. Try to listen to yourself about what you say to yourself in your mind. Explore what you are saying and consider what triggers your negative responses.

Learn to speak kindly to yourself. Always affirm your positive activities and aspire to give yourself the best. Learn to condition your mind to always believe in yourself. Always set yourself realistic goals and keep telling yourself that you can. Always focus on positive thoughts about what you infer and avoid relying on negative thoughts. Always focus on positive thoughts and always believe them.

Always prepare your mind to accept positive criticism. Try to change your mind to reflect your life as per what you want in life. Positive influences about life will always come as a result of thoughtful thinking. Always identify groups to associate with that speak what you speak in order to bear positive implications. Always take a neutral stand that will enable you entangle other people’s ideas about what you are trying to do. Always prepare your mind to be flexible and accord equal treasure to any eventually that come from it. Always make decisions that are based on different points of view to encompass credibility on what you aspire.

Change your mind to encompass interests of other people. Do not be selfish about your thoughts. Share your goals with your friends and family members and always be ready to accommodate their views. Always program your mind to encompass well thought suggestions before undertaking any serious venture. Always change your mind to have a cheering heart that will help built your self esteem. Always try to speak out that which you feel is stressing and beyond your level of ability. Change your mind to believe in what you know is right and always get involved in things that amuse you. Avoid engaging in mob psychology undertaking that rely on other people’s thinking.


Ebin Mathew is a freelance writer with over 10 years’ experience in inexpensive essay writing service. He is enjoying writing about current trends and innovations in education, technology, online business and traveling.

Contributor: Ebin Mathew

Published here on: 20-Jul-14

Classification: Development


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