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Innovation A Key Transformation For Entrepreneurs


Guest articles > Innovation A Key Transformation For Entrepreneurs


by: Viganesh Kumar

Innovative has seen the transformation of modern technology that suits global appeal. Organizations have constantly innovated new ideas, technologies, products and services to have competitive edge in its industry. Entrepreneurs should always constantly look into areas of creating new inventions’ or adapt the existing products.

The most common one was the creative introduction of telephone by Alexander Graham Bell. It is still widely used but humans require a gadget that is mobile. In mid 1980s, Motorola launched the first hand phone in market which also prompted other brands such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Siemens and LG venturing in the mobile market in 1990s. However in 2000s, the world saw another innovation from the phone through the introduction of Apple’s IPhone. The birth of smartphones innovation channels in new players such as Samsung, Blackberry, HTC, Acer and Nokia to innovate their models. The creation started by Alexander Graham Bell has been adapted and altered to fulfil the current generation and needs. This process shall not end with the introduction of smart phones or tablet PC but innovation shall continue as it seeks refurbishment of finest and latest technology.

Several worldwide popular entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Henry Ford, Oprah Winfrey, Ray Kroc, Walt Disney, George Lucas and Mark Zuckerberg has reshaped their respective ventured industry through acclaimed innovativeness of products and services. Even in Malaysia we are not shortage of successful innovative entrepreneurs that incudes Tony Fernandez, Lim Kok Wing, AK Nathan, Vincent Tan, Syed Mokhtar Syah, Bernard Chandran, Ramly Mokni and Hj Mustapha Kamal. These entrepreneurs have continued to reinvent their models and applications to match the required needs for all customers.

Tony Fernandez changed the innovative drive for Malaysian and Asian airlines industry. He successfully instilled a new direction by providing affordable package for customers. His innovative idea has also encouraged the emergence of other budget airlines such as Malindo Air, Tiger Airways and JetStar. Several innovative concept that was applied includes 'Empty Seat Option (ESo), online booking, 'Red Carpet' service, 'Fly-Thru' transit, frequent flyer program, onboard immigration processes and angle lie-flat business class seat. In the year 2008, Air Asia was recognized as one of the world's most innovative organization by Fast Company magazine, the only airline and Asian brand to make it into the list.

Few months back, I had an opportunity to meet G & G Dessert Products Sdn Bhd’s entrepreneur, Vathumalaai. Based at Johor, he is determined with transforming traditional food and beverage products into an instant concept of frozen products and exotic food caramel to the next level. His innovation into food technology has seen the successful development of liquid syrup which is widely used for food and beverages in various industries through caravan or kiosk worldwide.

Innovative may not necessarily be obtained through detailed planning or research, it may happen in a spark of idea, accidental or eagerness to improvise the existing products. In the year 1955, Joseph and Mcvicken who had initially planned to create wallpaper cleaner but accidentally developed non-toxic modelling clay known as Play Doh in the market. The same applies to Post-It-Notes produced by 3M. The idea was inspired when 3M manager, Art Fry required a bookmark that can mark the pages for choir hymnal. That idea provided the necessary spark for them to do research in developing sticky notes.

Emphasizing the needs to be innovative is a required necessity at workplace. Management needs to motivate employees to be innovative in identifying new methods, process, products, services, technology, machines and gadgets to ensure they remain competitive and ahead of others. It is the management’s responsibility to safeguard employees’ innovative methodologies till it has achieved patent or trademark rights. Remember that ideas are only PRECIOUS if it is implemented.


Viganesh Kumar, a HRDF approved consultant, trainer and lecturer in the fields of Management, Operation and Hospitality. A Human Resource Strategist with distinctive career and has provided consultancy & training for over than 200 organizations in various industry.

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Contributor: Viganesh Kumar

Published here on: 16-Feb-14

Classification: Development



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