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Sales Opportunities in Police Headquarters, in Divorce Proceedings Part 1


Guest articles > Sales Opportunities in Police Headquarters, in Divorce Proceedings Part 1


by: Daniel Milstein


Successful salespeople realize that there is opportunity everywhere for a sale to happen. I have made sales at sporting events, on beaches, and many places in between; remember to never discount the possibility of making a sale.

I have found divorce attorneys and policemen to be especially receptive to these 'impromptu' selling possibilities:

  • During divorce proceedings involving two of our employees, I was asked to provide a deposition. After detailing my professional responsibilities, I offered the appropriate information regarding the employees' status. When the interview was over, I had a chance to talk with the attorneys for a few minutes and I answered questions regarding the challenging lending market. The wife's attorney obviously did her homework; the following day she called to ask for help with a refinance.
  • A police officer stopped a Gold Star loan originator who was speeding on his way to an evening client meeting. The policeman seemed to be interested that he was a mortgage loan officer. After exchanging his business card for the ticket, our originator drove a little slower to his customer meeting. The next morning he received a phone call from the policeman who was looking for a good deal on his new mortgage.
  • Another policeman came to our headquarters looking for a young woman who had briefly worked as a temp employee at Gold Star. It seems she had missed her court appearance to testify in an accident case. I told the officer I would be glad to help him track down the errant witness and invited him to my office. After trying to reach the former employee at her home, we briefly discussed various topics, including of course, home financing and current interest rates. Before he left that day, one of Michigan's finest provided enough pertinent details to get his own loan application started.

In order to succeed in sales, the key is to never turn off your selling mindset. Few places are off limits and you never know when you will close an "impromptu" sale.


Daniel Milstein is the bestselling author of ABC of Sales. For more information, visit:

Contributor: Daniel Milstein

Published here on: 29-Jun-14

Classification: Sales


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