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Relationships are Key Part 2


Guest articles > Relationships are Key Part 2


by: Daniel Milstein


When I began Gold Star, we decided to differentiate ourselves from the competition by establishing ourselves in a niche target market. I began a relationship with a Russian hockey player, Pavel Datsyuk.

When I met Pavel, he didn't speak English, had no American credit and needed a place to live. Based on my lender relationships, I was able to help him get a loan for his first home, for which he was extremely grateful. Pavel has since gained a reputation as one of the NHL's top players, helped his team win two Stanley cups and become one of my good friends as well. I learned that not all sports figures are wealthy or ideal clients.

According to a Sports Illustrated article, 80 percent of NFL players file for bankruptcy two years after they retire. About 60 percent of NBA players do the same five years after they stop playing. So I probably shouldn't have been surprised when an agent and financial planner asked me to help their NFL player-client who had a new $30 million contract with a $6 million upfront signing bonus, along with one of the lowest credit scores I had ever seen, resulting from non-payment of judgments and collections. He just didn't believe in paying bills.

I explained that helping him obtain a mortgage would be a true test of my expertise. I called several banks to ask if they would do a private loan in exchange for him appearing in commercials to endorse their company. No deal. I wasn't willing to give up and after exhausting several other options, finally found a lender that was willing to make the loan for a grateful, credit-impaired football player.

Relationships in business are key. Without having established Gold Star as a different type of mortgage company, we could have fallen behind the competition. My relationship with Pavel not only helped him advance his career, it advanced mine as well.


Daniel Milstein is the bestselling author of ABC of Sales. For more information, visit:

Contributor: Daniel Milstein

Published here on: 05-Jan-14

Classification: Sales


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