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Sales Commandment 9: Take a Risk, Be Bold


Guest articles > Sales Commandment 9: Take a Risk, Be Bold


by: Daniel Milstein


As a salesperson, you've got to be courageous, take a stand when it might be difficult to do so. This may involve creating a special campaign, offering a service that no one else has, cutting ties with non-productive referral partners, reducing your fees or taking some other action that salespeople at your office or elsewhere might not be willing to do.

You must look ahead to what you feel will help establish yourself as a 'winner' among your customers and prospects, and then take the necessary steps to get there. You may encounter obstacles along the way. I was comfortable at my first real job at McDonald's, but because I sought a new challenge, decided that the tire store job was worth the risk (and pay cut). I twice took a bold leap to become a mortgage broker and even though both times I didn't succeed, the experience was worth the risk. Later, I left the comfort (and significant income) of my underwriting job to open the Golden Rule office, then pushed myself to launch Gold Star. These were aggressive actions at the time. Gold Star has continued to take risks--from establishing new offices to offering new services--in order to enhance our national visibility, increase market share and of course, to ensure the loyalty of our valued customers. Your actions may not have an immediate payoff, but remember that the most rewarding plans often don't lead to quick results. The goal is to be successful after others have left the market. The most successful business people--such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet--have excelled by being willing to take risks.

So, here it is, the magic list of secrets you need to get started and enjoy your first level of success: be passionate about sales, believe in your product, take care of customers, plan ahead, be available, expand your presence, be a creative marketer, have a positive outlook and take risks.


Daniel Milstein is the bestselling author of ABC of Sales. For more information, visit:

Contributor: Daniel Milstein

Published here on: 11-May-14

Classification: Sales


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