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Get Your Business Partners and Employees Motivated by Employing Conference Speakers


Guest articles > Get Your Business Partners and Employees Motivated by Employing Conference Speakers


by: Paul Trevino


For any business to trade successfully it needs to maximize the use of its resources; this creates maximum productivity and profit. Business leaders and employees are most productive when they are motivated and happy; this can be a tricky concept to manage. Many businesses have found that conference and motivational speakers are one of the most effective methods of improving staff morale and productivity:

Welcome new ideas

A motivational speaker should be aware of what is going on in the market in general and specifically in your industry. This means they will be able to evaluate your current procedures and protocols and make suggestions on how to improve them; to the benefit of your employees. They can see the bigger picture and inject new ideas into the business to inspire everyone.


A motivational speaker will improve the morale; and consequently the drive and productivity of a team. They do this by sharing stories, usually personal, of success through adversity. If these stories can be related to the work and lives of your employees they will be inspired.

Engaged employees

A motivational speaker can engage and compel your staff far easier and quicker than you will be able to. They will be able to remind employees of just how good it is working for your business and that they are appreciated; their role makes a difference. Everyone likes to hear that they are doing a good job and that they are not just a cog in the machine. Hearing this from an independent source will reinforce the point.

Motivational speakers can help employers have an objective

Change is necessary for any business to survive. The economy and technology is constantly changing and businesses must move with them to ensure they remain competitive. However, it is very easy for people to become set in their ways and resist the changes; they become afraid of the unknown. A motivational speaker can show that they have an objective point of view; they are looking at the industry as well as the business and can see what needs to be changed. All the business has to do, is listen to them!

Setting and achieving goals

People who are involved within a business are generally focused on the day to day activities. There are deadlines which need to be met and a variety of challenges which occur each day. Business leaders and employees often do not have the time to remove themselves from the daily grind and assess the company’s progress and goals. Hiring a conference speaker provides the opportunity to take a step back and discuss these needs with someone outside of the business. The objectivity that a conference speaker can bring to this type of discussion will allow the business to re-evaluate its goals and refocus on where they are heading. This can make the difference between success and failure in business.

Conference speakers are knowledgeable and resourceful

One of the most powerful tools a motivational speaker has is knowledge. This knowledge can be used to show the employees they know what they are talking about; this will ensure the employees listen and respect the speaker’s opinions. This knowledge will also allow a speaker to provide tips and insights into how an employee can change the way they currently operate and make a difference to production and company profit.

The ongoing role of a conference speaker

The best motivational speakers will leave your employees knowing where they are going and the help they will get along the way. This may be repeat visits from motivational speakers or it may be advancement through training programs and education. The important element is that the employees know this is not a one off occurrence; provided they put in the effort for the business they will be supported and nurtured along the way.

Personal and company growth will be achieved alongside very motivated employees. To make that happen, companies should focus more on their needs and wants. And believe it or not, sometimes those needs and wants are not tied to financial incentives. Many employees just want to feel appreciated, and conference speakers can help them restore that lack of confidence.


By Paul Trevino and!

Contributor: Paul Trevino

Published here on: 18-Oct-15

Classification: Business


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