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Monday 12-Dec-05

Happy Mondays

Monday mornings are not a fun place in many offices and workplaces around the world. People drag themselves into place, grumbling about too-short weekends and too-early starts during the week.

Well, despite getting up at 5:30 each weekday morning (and waking annoyingly early at weekends too), I recently decided that enough was enough.

So, most Mondays now, I bounce into the office with happy smiles and friendly words for everyone. Predictably, I get a mixed response, from mystified stares to wry smiles. But emotions are contagious and the net result is positive.

I even decided to run last week backwards, so we started the week on Friday, and then took two days off immediately after Monday! In another week, I declared that every day would be Friday.

It's not the way to live: spending most days just looking forward to the weekend. To do so is to hurry towards your grave.

So I joke and laugh and am generally jolly first thing as I celebrate the new day. And I change minds as others smile back and feel a little sunnier themselves. They ask me what pills I am taking and I take orders with a wry grin.

Someone once told me that you can't always do what you like, but you can always like what you do. I was too young to be cynical and took it to heart. My mind was changed for ever and for better and I generally enjoy life, wherever I am. And I seek to repay that forgotten sage by spreading the word.

So now you know too. Which means no more miserable Mondays.


Your comments

 I can't believe I read this, a while back I decided to switch things up, to have my Friday attitude on Monday, it was really great, others liked it too. They thought I was nuts, but that is nothing new!

-- Susan

Dave replies:
Hi Susan. Welcome to the world of happy nutters. Better, I think that sad sensibles. It's Sunday as I write this -- so woohoo! It's Friday tomorrow!

My Mondays begin with heaps of tasks that I have to finish by Wednesdays and as a matter of fact, when I am busy, I don't feel lazy and slow - so whether it is Monday or Friday depends on the amount of work I have! And as I happen to move around a bit, the feeling of being jovial kicks in with being alert and it certainly spreads. No one at work dreads Monday any more as I do my rounds dropping a joke here and there and by midday no one could tell if it is a Monday or ....



 I live every day the same way like a Friday always with a smile on my face sometimes I been ask what I'm smiling for no reason and my answer its I don't now I guess I'm happy of life just the fact that I woke up its enough reason for me to be happy everything after that its extra that adds on

-- Lprince

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