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Friday 24-Feb-06

Free beer?

My wife and I recently took a mid-week city-break in Bruges, in Belgium. It's a beautiful town and I'd recommend it to anyone, though going in February was a good move as apparently it is heaving later in the year.

We stayed at the Scandic, where one of the tempters offered was a voucher that allowed you a free drink each in the bar. We had bought some Belgian beer in Bruges for consumption in our room, but thought we'd at least use the free-beer voucher in the bar before we moved back upstairs. The beer there was also very nice. We got a couple of chairs in front of the fire and snuggled up to talk about life, the universe and everyone. The beer disappeared and we wondered about going back to the room for the beer we had bought. But it was so nice there and the staff so courteous that we ended up staying for more drinks.

Free beer? Maybe not.

Other recommendations from Bruges:

We found a lovely family chocolatier on a corner that has had recommendations in a number of UK newspapers, including the Times, Telegraph and others. It was cheaper than some other more central places, the ladies running it were chatty and friendly and the chocolate was Dumon, just north of Markt.

We went to the De Hobbit restaurant in Kamelstraat one night. Fun, but food was only average. The most exciting moment was when my wife managed to set fire to the menu -- it was a big paper thing and she opened it out over a little tea light. I didn't help by blowing on it -- my simple puffing just fanned the flames. Fortunately a nearby waiter was quick off the mark and stamped it out on the floor.

The best restaurant we found was the Minnewater, just next to where the horse carriages pause on their clop around the town. I had the best onion soup I've tasted in a long time, plus a wonderful Flemish beef stew -- lots of lean beef and a tasty gravy. And it wasn't that expensive either.

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