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Friday 17-November-06

Birthday girl

My daughter was 25 yesterday. I remember that great milestone myself. A quarter of a century, I thought. My goodness, I have achieved a great age. Downhill from now on, I suppose. Heledd, though, is blooming. She was amused and flattered recently to be chatted up by a 19-year-old who thought she was about the same age. She does look younger, which will stand her in good stead for years to come. In fact we're all a younger-looking family, which sometimes I wonder might result from attitude as much as genetics. Think young -- look young. Hmm.

Birthdays are an interesting tradition that mark the passing of time through our short existence. We give presents and sing, perhaps in celebration that the birthday person has somehow stayed alive. In past centuries, many died in their younger years (and in parts of the world this is still true). Now, in our medically-advanced civilization we can expect to survive somewhat beyond our allotted three-score-years-and-ten. We take health for granted until it fades and expect doctors to be miracle-workers, curing all ailments. Once, a scratch could easily turn terminally septic.

Heledd had a normal working day but was f?/font>ted by here workmates, which made it special. Her phone conked out and, very kindly, they clubbed together to get her a new model. She works long hours and I waited in Trafalgar Square for her and we travelled home on a crowded train. We then went out as a family to a lovely local restaurant where we gave her her presents. As it was a special occasion and she's a real star, we gave her a diamond necklace. She still out-twinkled the gems.

Heledd does birthdays well. She went out last night after I stumbled up to sleep and was still out when I got up at 5:30 am. She's taking the day off to prepare for her party tomorrow. Ever the organizer, she's doing a treasure hunt around the neighbourhood for the dozen or two people who are going to turn up and the will cook for them afterwards. Her biggest worry is that they will not enjoy themselves and I know she'll be a perfect host. Caring about others is a fundamental of trust and friendship and she does it well.

Her first 25 years have had some ups and downs but all in all she's navigated them well. Who knows what the next 25 will be like (and all the rest), but I suspect there will some stellar stuff in there. So happy birthday, lassie, and many, many returns.

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