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Wednesday 25-July-2007

Holiday reprise

I'm writing this as we hurtle along the M4 in our little BMW Z3, off on our summer holidays again. Last summer we went around Europe. This year it's not quite so far but still across some water, to Ireland. Yes, I know, Ireland in a roadster is probably the ultimate definition of optimism. Someone told me that the west coast gets 200 days of rain per year and this year is unlikely to be different. But you know, we don't care. It feels rather extravagant as this year we've already been for a short break in Dorset and had a last-minute bargain week in the Maldives. But then the kids are grown up and holidays cost less now. We're also in that boom period before we become retired, disabled and poor, when the house is paid off and we can have some fun.

We're now in a holiday mentality which means we'll enjoy ourselves no matter what happens overhead. Sure, blue skies would be nice but rain doesn't have to mean we must be sad. We had rain last summer in Switzerland and spend a hilarious day chugging around Lake Lucerne in a steamer, reading books and supping the on-board fare. We're also going to Ireland for the Irish, who are a lovely and friendly people. It probably also helps that we're Welsh and have a Celtic affinity. And then of course there's the pubs and the Guinness and the emerald environment that the rain produces. I like thinking holiday. Maybe I'll do it at work, too.

Last year I did a photo blog, which helped with narrating the story to friends around the world as well as next door and saved some of those embarrassing sofa sessions where showing of holiday photos get horribly overdone. I'll do the same this year here so you can see what we saw if you like (but not if you don't). I like playing the amateur photographer and have a decent Canon kit but when I see professional photos I'm glad I have a day job.

The forecast is actually mixed so we'll get the roof down from time to time and perhaps even see a little blue. There's a saying that if you can see enough blue sky to make a pair of sailor's shorts then it's going to clear up, so we'll keep our eyes open there.

We're staying at my sister's house tonight, then on to the ferry at Pembroke and over to Rosslare, then 17 nights in assorted boutique B&Bs. We discovered Alistair Sawday's books and cherry-picked places last Christmas whilst they were still unbooked.


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