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Friday 16-Nov-12

Moving house, nudging lawyers

There's little I like less than moving house. we used to move quite frequently as I job-hopped my way to a kind of career, but then nearly 22 years ago we stopped. The house was big enough for the family (2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 adults) and we were near London so everything after that was a commute.

But now we're kind of retired, so we're heading back to our home country of Wales. I'm still writing of course and hopefully will do so for another ten or twenty years, but we're foregoing the urban life for something in the countryside.

I'd almost forgotten the hassles of moving but now it's come back with a vengeance. We've years of clutter and have been getting rid of a ton of it, though there's still tons left, including my business and psychology book collection, which now numbers around 2200 books. If I want to write a web page for the site, this is a tremendous resource.

But most of the hassles are human, as ever, which makes changing minds a daily occurrence. Like last week, I called the removals firm who were being rather slow at delivering boxes. They'll now arrive tomorrow (or I'll be on the phone again). I've developed a quite successful phone technique which involves carefully not blaming the person at the other end, while clearly asserting my situation and injecting urgency into the affair. Rather than saying 'I want', I sometimes intimate that if I don't get, then disaster will occur. To get the boxes delivered, I noted that we were starting packing on the weekend and that if we didn't get the boxes the next day, then we wouldn't be packed when they turned up to take away the boxes to our new house (which would be a huge hassle for them).

I've also shaken the leg of our legal representative more than once. It amazes me how lawyers lack organization. Fortunately I established a good relationship with both our buyer and the person we are buying from, so we have been in regular contact and are able to collectively keep others on their toes. One person lawyer, for example, complained to their client that they had not received a document from our lawyer. The client just called me and I called my lawyer who said that the other person's lawyer hadn't asked for the document. Argh! Anyway, things got sorted, but goodness knows how long things would have taken if it was left just up to the lawyers.

So the move may mean that I'll be off air for a little while, at least until I get set up at the other end and can get the phone and ISP sorted. So do forgive me if there's a break in site updates for a little while. But do know this: I'll be gently but firmly pushing the process along.


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