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Sunday 03-February-13

More Good Service

We have all experienced good and bad service, and perhaps more bad than good. Yet it is such an important part of business, it is remarkable how few companies get it.

I wrote about it recently, and here's another little tale, this time simply about a company who understands service. It started when we realized we needed a scaffold tower in our new house as it had high, sloping ceilings where ladders were impractical. If truth be told I'm not a fan of ladders anyway and getting something more stable seemed like a nice idea.

After a bit of research, the best price/product for what I wanted was offered by BPS, so I purchased from them via Amazon. The tower arrived very quickly and I set about putting it together. It wasn't too difficult -- just a few bolt-on cross-members to make a rigid structure between end ladder H sections. The only problem was that the upper H-section aluminium steady rails were distorted and so wouldn't fit into the lower section. A bit miffed, I send a photo and a short message to BPS via the Amazon feedback section, and was pleased and perhaps a bit surprised to hear back from them almost immediately. And their response quickly turned me around as a customer.

First, they accepted responsibility. No excuses or 'what have you done', but 'yes, they're clearly out'. They then said they would send replacements by courier the next day (they did) and that they didn't need me to send them back the old rails. And to top it all, they refunded me a little for my bother. Not a lot, but as I was not expecting anything, it was delightful to see that they cared enough to do something extra.

What they did was to convert a potential unhappy customer into a delighted one (who has now given them a great advert in this blog). Thank you BPS, not only for your great service but also for showing the world that good service is made up of (a) speedy response, (b) taking responsibility, and (c) going the extra mile.

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