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Sunday 07-September-14

The Father of the Bride

So yesterday, my daughter got married. It was an event writ large, planned and prepared for years in advance, and yet there were last-minute panics right up to the day. There was a theme of 1920s crossed with science fiction, with a distinct tendency towards Doctor Who, Firefly and Star Trek. I was roped into building light towers, a Tardis photo booth and providing everyone with a 100ml bottle of spirits (which consumed most of my supply of home-make knockout tipples).

It a complicated affair and took multiple journeys to transport all the effects to the venue, the redoubtable Caer Llan in Monmouthshire. And then we were off. Heledd looked beautiful. She's inherited her mother's timeless good looks and still get's ID'd when buying alcohol. In her vintage wedding dress she was spectacular and as we walked down the aisle there were many oohs and aahs. Being rather modern, she didn't want to just take her husband's surname and so they decided to combine them, now being very distinctly Heledd and James Winfield-Straker. The weather was warm, and rained only once while we were inside for the ceremony, which is kind for September in Wales. I did my speech talking about some of the fun of her growing years. There was cheers, beers and champagne, games, conversation and dancing. Overall, everyone agreed it was a very memorable and spectacular affair. Even a few people who'd not been planning on coming but who had rocked up at the last minute declared it was decidedly worthwhile. And indeed it was.

It seems so far from when Eleri and I got married. We just went to the local chapel, had lunch with family and friends at the local bar and then borrowed a tent to go camping. We had a wonderful time throughout and are still happily married 38 years later. Nowadays weddings cost arms, legs and a few limbs besides. But then this one was a real corker and will certainly be remembered by all involved.

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