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Sunday 29-July-18

Three adjectives to describe Donald Trump

Love him or loathe him, it is difficult to avoid opinions about US president Donald Trump. If you are on the political right you may think he is wonderful as he cuts taxes and gets tough on immigrants. You may alternatively see him in all kinds of negative terms.

In a recent conversation we sought three adjectives describing him, with the goal of being both alliterative and balanced. The alliteration turned out to be all Cs, and the balance was between negative and positive assessments.

Positive adjectives were Consistent, Critical and Cunning.

He is consistent in following through on campaign promises and putting America first. He is also by now fairly predictable in what he will say about various topics from the global to the mundane.

He is strongly critical of the press, other world leaders and anyone who disagrees with him. He has a turn of phrase that reaches its mark in rankling those he opposes. He does not hold back to polite or political language. He says it as he sees it.

His intelligence has been questioned yet he has still been successful. This seems to be due to a cunning ability in negotiation and persuasion, for example in how he brought the Republican party to heel and North Korea to the table. Also how his outrageous outbursts distract opponents while he is making momentous changes to the judiciary and institutions of state.

Negative adjectives were Cruel, Corrupt and Childish.

He has been cruel in his handling of migrants and their children. His comments about women and others have been unkind and insulting. He is known to enjoy taking revenge on those who he feels have slighted him.

He shows many signs of corruption. He refuses to release his finances. He has been charged with inappropriate use of his charity's funds and faces many court cases. He gave huge tax cuts to rich friends. His business past has many suspect dealings. He hob-nobs with dictators. The list goes on.

He seems like a child in his paranoid fears, his petulant outbursts, and his limited attention span. He lacks understanding of the complexities of politics, climate and other big issues. He reads little and responds reactively.

Overall, he has been a divisive figure, widening an already split society. The big question is what comes next. Will the divide increase into political canyons, or will there be a counterbalancing reunification? Is this the shake-up that America (and maybe the world) needs, or will it shake to pieces? Might America become an autocracy in all but name? Would American isolationism make the rest of the world grow up? Will a more libertarian system bring peace or war?

Who knows what next. I guess it's up to America.

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