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What would you do if you got the job?


Disciplines > Job-finding > Interview questions > What would you do if you got the job?

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The question

What would you do if you got the job?

If I gave you the job now, what would you do first?

What do you think needs doing here?

What they are looking for

Here, they are looking for practical action. Depending on the situation, they may want to see you shaking up the environment and doing something different or maybe they want a steady ship that will deliver the goods without any serious change.

A clue to what they are seeking will come in the job description and maybe other questions they have asked and their responses to your answers.

How to answer

This can be a tricky question if you do not know too much about the job. If possible, you should research the situation as far as possible beforehand. This activity can range from looking at the company finances to asking details of the job. This research in itself can help gain you points.

From what I have seen so far, it is clear that the new product line needs to get into action within six weeks. I would clear space down the main track and phase in the machinery, along with inventory and training. I reckon that within four weeks we can get the first trial runs going and be up and running well within the six weeks.

If you do not know what you would do, the best you can do is tell them how you will find out what to do.

I don't know enough now to give specifics, but I know how I will find out. The first thing I would do would be to get around to meet the team and other major stakeholders in order to understand the lie of the land. I will also want to understand the company strategy as it applies in my area. I will subsequently develop a plan for rapid action. I have found that it is important to show both understanding and positive action, and I would seek to deliver significant results within the first three months along with a plan for a steady continuation into the future.

Of course, not all jobs are grand and strategic, and your statement may be simply one of compliance and collaboration, although the message of delivering value is basically the same.

I like to contribute and fit in. I will need to learn the system. My first goal will be to get up to speed as quickly as possible so I can be out there, talking with customers.

And never forget to slip in indications of your motivation and ability.

This is a challenge, I know, but that's just what I like. I thrive in tough times and I know I can turn around your plant.

See also

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