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Are you prepared to travel?


Disciplines > Job-finding > Interview questions > Are you prepared to travel?

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The question

Are you prepared to travel?

Do you travel much in your current job?

Have you traveled much in any of you previous job?

What they are looking for

A question like this is usually a flag that the job involves a lot of travel.

They will be testing whether you like or dislike travel. If the work means many days away from home, they do not want stay-at-home people.

They may also look for other signs and if your résumé/CV indicates you have children they may be concerned that you will want to spend more time with them.

If the job involves significant travel they will want to know that you can cope with the exhaustion. Jobs with a lot of driving or international travel across time zones will exacerbate this.

How to answer

Beware of talking about holidays and having a good time. This is work! It is also of course not a good idea to say you do not like travel.

A simple answer presuming you have traveled is to show you are not bothered by it.

Travel doesn't bother me. It's just a part of the job.

You can also show that you enjoy it, but it is a good idea to link this to work.

Actually I quite enjoy getting out to see customers.

Be specific in your answer about how much you travel or what you consider to be reasonable, easy or difficult for you.

In my current work I visit overseas about once a month, for around three days at a time, which is fine. It gets difficult only when you are still jet-lagged from one trip and have to go on another.

For some jobs, three days a month is a lot. For others it is nothing. Travel can also be by car, train or plane, and each has its issues. Travel across time-zones is particularly onerous as it causes jetlag.

You could ask how much travel the job involves, but beware of this sounding cautious. If you do not like travel or have serious constraints on it (for example if you are a single parent) then it is best to say so here. If they really like you they will structure the job to fit you. If they need a person who can travel then the job is not for you.

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