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The cold call sequence


Disciplines > Sales > Prospecting > Cold Calling > The cold call sequence

Get their interest | Identify yourself | Tell them why you're calling | Qualify them | Move to the next steps | See also


This is a sequence of steps you can use when you are calling a prospective customer for the very first time.

Get their attention

Say something that get their attention. This may be something simple.

Good morning Mr. Williams.

Do not use gimmick openers. These are pretty well-known these days and are more likely to be experienced as an insult to their intelligence.

Mr. X. If I told you a way to halve your tax and double your income, would you be interested?

Identify yourself

They will want to know who you are, so quickly and simply introduce yourself and your company.

My name is Peter Jones from Carlsbridge Associates, the largest executive placement firm in the city.

Do not try to gain credibility by telling them how wonderful you are. This will only lose, not gain, respect.

My name is Peter Jones, six-times consultant-of-the-month from Carlsbridge Associates.

Tell them why you're calling

Give them good reason to continue to converse with you by explaining clearly why you are calling.

The demand for top executives in the city has doubled in the past year and I'm calling to find out if you have been affected.

Again beware of falling into a promotional pitch that turns them off rather than gets them excited.

We can solve all of your executive problems with our superior portfolio of services, from assessment to sourcing and in-place coaching.

Qualify them

Before you move on, you need to know whether it is worth your spending more time with them. You thus need to do an initial qualification. Whilst you may well do further qualification at a later date, a quick qualification now will sort out those who you have no hope of selling to.

Can I ask if you may be seeking good executives this year?

Move to the next steps

If they are qualified out by their response, thank them and hang up. If, however, they are still prospects, then move them to the next step.

Could we continue this conversation in person? Perhaps I could take you out to lunch next week some time?

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